Another quick use of Dropbox

I must share this tip with you if you’re a Dropbox user. A parent came to see me after school today. She wanted me to pass along her a copy of her son’s script for his presentation later this month. Since we were in my office, I started looking for the word document on my laptop. Then I thought of a better idea: just open Dropbox on my iPhone and email her the link to download it! Simple, effortless and much faster than opening up email on the laptop, locating the file and attaching it by first uploading it! It took less than one minute to email her the script, most of which was asking her to spell out her email address.

Teachers, you can do this if, say, one of your students has misplaced a worksheet, and you don’t have an extra hard copy lying around. Just email him/her the link and then s/he is fully responsible for printing it at home. A co-worker need that important teaching lesson? Send it to him one minute after he asks for it.

Here is what sending a link looks like on the iPhone. Notice that you do not have to upload anything, and that it’s simply a link to download it:

Here is what it looks like on the iPad:

Any other quick Dropbox tips? Feel free to share in the comments!


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  1. Azimmer says:

    Great tool great tip. Thanks

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