Get up to 3GB extra storage for free with the new Dropbox update!

Dropbox has made an impressive update that will please iPhone and iPad users. Now they will have the option to automatically upload their photos and videos from their Camera Rolls to their Dropbox accounts. Upon updating the app, you will be able to choose to upload over wifi only or over cellular data as well. This is a great way to wirelessly transfer your iPhone/iPad photos to your PCs.

Uploaded photos will appear in your Dropbox in a folder called Camera Uploads.

Here is what the Dropbox gallery looks like on the iPhone. It resembles the Camera Roll:

You can choose to begin uploading photos taken from that moment on, or upload your existing Camera Roll. You will also be able to delete multiple photos from your device if you do not want them taking up storage space.

Speaking of storage, if you do decide this photo upload option, you will gain up to 3 gigabytes of extra space (in 500mb increments). If you don’t think you’ll want your photos in your Dropbox, here is a strategy if you still want the extra free space: Upload the three gigabytes of photos and videos and delete them when you’ve reached the limit. Your storage space will remain.

Don’t have Dropbox? Read about it here, then download it here. If you do, simply go to the App store and under updates, find Dropbox and install the update.

**Update: It has taken a few days, but this process definitely works. Here is a screenshot of my settings shortly after I started:

And here is what it looks like now, after all my photos and videos on the iPhone have been uploaded. You can see in the total space that I have received my free 3gb:

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