App #16: The updated iOS WordPress app

I am typing part of this post waiting for a flight using the newly updated WordPress app (free) for iPhone and iPad. It's a very impressive update to an app that was barely usable beforehand. I'm at the Seattle airport on my way to San Francisco. The app also has an extensive statistics section, where you can view many different facts about the location of blog readers. For example, I found out that people from Israel, Pakistan and Argentina have read this blog, something I probably would not have learned without this new feature:

However, more precise actions like adding web links and photos (and resizing them especially) is still not easily done using just the WordPress app. I had to go back to using the iPad app Blogsy to insert the images that you see on this post.

On the plus side, you can easily view all your posts and make quick edits to them directly from this app:

Under the Dashboard tab, you are able to fully access the web version of all the tools available. I myself have not played too much with this section:

One can view all pending and approved comments as well as reply to them, directly within the app:


As a newly updated app, WordPress has done a great job in making it easier to blog straight from the iPad or iPhone, as opposed to having to do it from a PC. It still is not easy to add links and images, and I will continue to use Blogsy to blog, but the stats section is quite intriguing and very detailed. It lets blog owners know a lot of information about their readers. Anyone who already has a WordPress blog and an iPad or iPhone should definitely use it. For a free app, this is a great tool for managing your WordPress blog.

If you do not currently own a blog, but are interested, check out this post for ideas on using your iPad as a content creation device as opposed to just a consumption device.



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