Apps #17 and #18: iSmug and uSmug

Following my short review of the photo backup and sharing service Smugmug, I'd like to share two apps that allow for photo viewing on the iPad or iPhone.

First, iSmug ($1.99, iTunes link) is an app for people who already have a Smugmug account. It is a universal app where you can fluidly view all your photos within the albums that are created. This means that you have complete access to all your photos and videos on your phone or iPad. It boasts a display that is a very visually appealing. You can even save photos back to your device for offline viewing. This feature will come in handy when you want to save professional or high-quality SLR photos locally on your devices (for portfolios, as an example).

Check out this short video showing iSmug:


As you can see, depending on your internet connection, the photos can be displayed quite fast. Your photos and videos appear as they would on your Camera Roll. No longer do you have to take up precious space on your iPad. Simply store them on Smugmug and view them on iSmug.

iSmug is available for only $1.99. I do have a few free promo codes thanks to the developers, so if you have a Smugmug account, please contact me and I will gladly send it over.

Now, chances are you do not have an account for Smugmug (yet), but have friends that do. uSmug is a brand new iPad app just for you. This app was just released in late August, and is free until September 1. Download it now first even if you do not know any Smugmug members. You will be able to use it later.

If you do have a Smugmug account, tell your iPad-toting friends and family to download uSmug.

Here is the description directly from the developers:

uSmug is built on a Smugmug feature called Sharegroups. Sharegroups allow you to create an arbitrary collection of galleries for sharing. You can put a password on it, and you can also create as many as you want. This feature is incredibly useful for sharing photos with family and friends, as it's an effective way to segment your Smugmug library for viewing by multiple parties. uSmug is a Sharegroup viewer. The idea was conceived primarily for the grandparents who have iPads. The iPad is obviously a great platform for viewing photos, and the Smugmug website isn't the best for them to view shared albums.

In my family, both sets of grandparents will be using Smugmug in our family. Both own iPads and thoroughly enjoy looking at photos of their granddaughter, especially when we go out of town.

Once uSmug users log in once they are given the password to view a specific album, they will enjoy the same viewing interface that iSmug users have:

This app provides a much better interface and is more user friendly on an iPad than mobile Safari, which as far as I know does not allow you to “swipe” through the full screen size of the photos. Once again, it is free worldwide until September 1 ($.99 cents thereafter)


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