Great improvements to Evernote Skitch for iPad and iPhone!


  • Looks like disgruntled Mac Skitch users were able to get their old features back, by “downgrading” back to the old version of Skitch.
  • The 60 mb monthly upload allowance to Evernote is going to pose a problem for Skitch users. The first day I uploaded 10 Skitch images, I ended up using 38 megabytes! This is due to the large file sizes of the photos taken on the iPhone 4S (and 5). I contacted Evernote about this problem, and they suggested getting an Evernote Premium account: ($45 per year or $5 per month). The premium account will up the 60mb monthly allowance to 1000mb. To solve this issue for new users, I would suggest choosing NOT to sync with Evernote and just save to Camera Roll.


Very good news for Skitch users out there. Evernote has released Skitch 2.0 (free), a very welcome update to the Skitch app (first reviewed here). Skitch is a screenshot and photo annotating app that is very easy to use. With this update, all your Skitch images are synced immediately into Evernote into a notebook appropriately called “Skitch“. Beforehand, you had to tap a few buttons for each image to be sent to Evernote. Now, Skitch files will be made available for viewing on all your other devices: Macs, PCs, iPhones, even iPod touch. If you would prefer not to use Evernote, you can still save to Camera Roll, but there won't be any syncing. However, it only takes a minute to sign up for Evernote if you do not have an account yet. Evernote as a complete service presents countless benefits to improving your organizational skills.

The team at Evernote has made these awesome improvements:

  • The ability to resize the typing. This was a complaint I got from colleagues, that the letters were too small and couldn't be enlarged. You can now resize to whichever size you want:
  • A blurring (pixelating) tool has also been added. This can be useful when not wanting to share private things, such as car licence plates and private records. You can now pixelate whichever part of the total image and make it as large as you want.
  • Notes are now editable after you originally save them. Before, once you completed your image, that was it. You couldn't go back and make changes. Now, you can revert to all your annotated files and make as many alterations to them as often as you like. I just tried a file that was a few months old. Changes were easy to make.
  • Colors still remain rather limited. This is a small gripe of mine, but I guess they decided to keep things simple and just stick to 8 colors, like before. It would be nice to see a wider range of colors:
  • The exporting options have grown as well. You can, if you have an AppleTV, directly project it through Airplay, or create a public link to your image:
  • You can also easily crop your image to any size and rectangular shape imaginable:

This photo:

can become:
  • Any mistake you may make can easily be undone by simply tapping the undo button. You can undo multiple mistakes, and not just the most recent one.

If you were already using Skitch prior to this update, you can import all your previous Skitch images within a few taps (just follow the instructions). Here is my new Skitch folder:


This update for Skitch in my opinion is very impressive. I went on to my newly downloaded iPhone version and was easily able to find and edit something I had just created on my iPad, and it worked seamlessly. Skitch 2.0 now syncs across all platforms. Although it seems like longtime advanced Skitch users on the Mac seem not too impressed with the update (to the Mac OSX, not iOS version), the casual user will find the new improvements very handy. I plan on using this app even more often during the school year. This app has a small learning curve and will continue to prove very useful in the classroom. With this being a free app, Skitch is a must-try for both the experienced and inexperienced. If you have not tried it, now is the time.


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  1. beth says:

    Skitch 2 is horrible. had to remove and reload with hopes of being able to save to camera roll. but the answer was still “NO…user access denied”? to my OWN iPad? Can not even save/email anything I have done without it going to Evernote? oh heck no. My very favorite is now going to be removed …for good. Sad day here….

    1. Are you a Mac user or just an iPad user of Skitch? Hopefully my updates will solve your problem.

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