App #24: Poster for WordPress


I just downloaded a different WordPress app for iPhone called Poster ($3.99). I usually write this blog using Blogsy from my iPad ($4.99), but I'd like to try doing it from my phone to see if it's feasible at all. Blogsy has been really easy to use, and does not require bloggers to add any HTML themselves. So far it looks like Poster does, unfortunately. I admit to having to update this post using Blogsy since I am so used to it, and adding links is so intuitively easy.

Do any of you readers out there write blogs with your idevices, as opposed to from your PCs? If so, let us know which apps you use to do so in the comments! I'll write a more in-depth review of Poster after I use it for a while. I will update this post if and when I review Poster.

Autumn has definitely arrived. Here is a photo I snapped this afternoon from Stanley Park in Vancouver:


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