$10 off iTunes and App Store cards

Apple fans, definitely take advantage of these deals whenever they come. Right now in Canada, we can get $10 off a $50 gift card at 7-Eleven (until November 15) I buy the App Store card, which can be used for music, games and more importantly apps for education! Using these cards will automatically give you a 20% savings on all your apps. Almost a no-brainer to purchase them especially if you plan on buying apps for your iDevice. Why pay Apple full price when stores periodically offer these sales for a whole 20% off the price?

Keep in mind that if you own a Mac, you can also use the cards for Mac apps as well. In the US, I have occasionally seen the same sale at places such as Radio Shack, Best Buy and Target. These also make great gifts! Unfortunately, you can't use iTunes credit for purchases at the Apple Store. Wouldn't that be nice?

If you buy one and don't know how to redeem it, check out my post here.


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  1. davecrowns says:

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