App #26: AppsGoneFree [REVIEW]

AppsGoneFree (free) is an app that I definitely visit on a daily basis. As you may imagine, I am constantly looking for new apps to add to my devices. AppsGoneFree scours hundreds of apps for you and chooses the best ones to feature. These “paid” apps become free for a limited time, usually about 24 hours.

When you open the app, it will list apps that are free for that day. You can read detailed descriptions and learn about each app before deciding to download it. It also states the iTunes star rating and shows the number of total ratings the app has received. Apps will be labelled as universal, or specifically for either iPad or iPhone/iPod touch.

AppsGoneFree will have a mix of games, utility, productivity and photography apps for you to choose from. Usually, I will personally look for apps that cost more than $.99 and give them a try. Remember, once you download an app, it is yours to keep forever, even if you delete it from your device. So it doesn't hurt to try new apps, even if they may not seem to fit your style.

The interface on the iPad app is great, and takes advantage of the larger screen real estate:

The iPhone version also is easy to navigate (and is also optimized for the iPhone 5's larger screen):

It also will post “expired” apps for you to view, so you can see which apps you missed out on. Another feature is to “bump” an app, which means you can recommend apps to the AppsGoneFree community. They actually encourage you to recommend paid apps, with the purpose of having that app go free for a limited time.

Check out this short video that explains AppBump:


Everyone likes to get free apps. However, a lot of the free apps out there are simply not that good. AppsGoneFree does the work of finding great apps and allows you to try for free what are normally paid apps. I highly recommend it. Check it out for yourself!


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