App #27: AirFile for Dropbox (Update: $4.99)


Airfile is a third-party Dropbox file-manager application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I am sure you will be impressed with what it can accomplish for your Dropbox account.

I shared with you my thoughts on Drop Manager for Dropbox a few months ago. I’d like to now let you know about AirFile for Dropbox. This universal app, in my opinion, is even better, and might even be more handy than the actual Dropbox app for iPad/iPhone.

Within the Dropbox app, you are not able to rename and move files. Most people will probably do those actions on their computers. Drop Manager does allow you to do that. Where AirFile beats both Drop Manager and the Dropbox app is that you can add as many separate Dropbox accounts onto it.

What’s the purpose of having more than one Dropbox account?

With AirFile, you can manage all of your files within an unlimited amount of accounts, all from your device! You are able to move files effortlessly from one account to another. Signing up for extra Dropbox accounts just requires a separate email address. This would be an easy and unique way to get more storage space without much effort. (We know that there are more conventional ways of increasing your Dropbox, through referrals and purchasing extra storage.)

You can see above that I have linked FOUR different accounts. On the iPhone, you will be able to choose files (more than one at a time) and move or copy them to other folders. Even better, on the iPad, it shows a split screen so it is super easy to move files from one account to the other. You can also create new folders within the same account and move files into the different folders as you wish.

You are also able to view files like you would in the Dropbox app. Sharing the link to others and opening the documents in other apps is also a cinch. What I noticed that’s also better on AirFile is you can actually email attachments (perhaps to people who are not “savvy” Dropbox users). Some people would still prefer to receive actual attachments instead of download links.

Another advantage of the multi-account system is that you can have different family members link their accounts, taking away the need to sign-out and sign-in each time. This would be useful if two or more people share a single device. Files can be copied, moved, deleted and renamed.

How to begin:

1. Download AirFile.

2. Connect your (first) Dropbox account and allow AirFile access to it:

3. Add more accounts (only if you wish). The above screen will appear again. Type in your account credentials. It literally takes just seconds.
Here is the split screen on the iPad. I was thoroughly impressed when this opened up (I had tried the iPhone version first):
4. That’s it! You can now begin organizing your account(s). Tap the edit button and play around with renaming files and moving, copying, and sharing them. The learning curve is not steep.
This app is a no-brainer to download, especially now that it is free for the time being. If you have a lot of files like myself, and would prefer to do actions on your iDevice instead of your computer, give it a try. AirFile gives you many more options of tasks to do with your files than the original Dropbox app. I can see myself using it almost exclusively, as it pretty much does everything the Dropbox app does and more. A wish-list for this app would include the addition of other cloud-based storage services, such as Google Drive or Box. But for serious Dropbox users, AirFile is excellent. Dropbox is without a doubt a service that I rely on everyday throughout the day, and with the addition of AirFile, there is an even better “ease” for tasks that I can now accomplish from my phone or iPad. The Dropbox experience for myself, speaking from using Dropbox for almost four years, has definitely become even more enjoyable.


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