App #29: Screenshot – Frame Maker [REVIEW]

As you may have noticed in my past few posts, I have made my iPhone and iPad screenshots with the added frame of the devices themselves. This is thanks to the universal app, appropriately titled Screenshot – Frame Maker. It is a free app, allowing you free screenshots of your first five images. Afterwards, you will be required to purchase an in-app upgrade for only $.99. This is just a one-time purchase and once it is done, all your devices will have unlimited screenshots. (On your second device, you will be prompted to purchase it once again, but it will then say that you had previously bought it, so it will not cost you another $.99.)

Before discovering Screenshot, I used to simply add an image like this:

Now, the same image looks much more appealing to the eye. There is no loss in resolution:

Screenshots taken with the iPhone will give you the option of white or black. In this next image, you can see the various sharing options:

Screenshots on the iPad will give you a choice of iPad or iPad mini, in white or black.

First, without the frame:

Now, with the frame:

The app will not only frame actual iOS screenshots, but is also able to do actual photos from your Camera Roll. Once you do produce the image, you can save it to your Camera Roll, Tweet it, or save to Dropbox. I have almost exclusively just saved it as an image to Camera Roll, then import them into my posts.

Here are some possible uses of this app:

  • This would be great for posters that you create with your classes, displaying various apps that you use in the classroom;
  • Creative people can first make an image (perhaps a list of apps) and then enlarge it as a banner or poster. Images are saved as .png files.
  • App bloggers will find this app useful and more efficient;
  • Students can also use them in their presentations (using presentation apps such as Powerpoint, Keynote and Haiku Deck);
  • App developers will love how this app can frame iPhone 5s and iPad minis for their apps;
  • Teachers can effectively show students how to use certain apps, using this and an annotating app like Skitch; students will be able to visually see instructions exactly, and in the correct orientation;


Screenshot Frame Maker is a great app. Give it a try for your first five images and see if you like it. If you have taken a lot of screenshots before, and would like to maybe add some detail in how a certain image looks on the device, you will enjoy this app. For less than a dollar, this app will be worth it. The final images that are created are, in my opinion, quite stunning and detailed. The fact that you can change frames between iPad 2 and iPad mini with a tap of a button also makes this very attractive for those who download it.

What other uses do you see possible with this app? Let us know in the comments!


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