Dropbox App Updated!

If you follow this blog regularly, you will know that Dropbox is my most used and favorite productivity app. A few days ago, Dropbox updated their iOS app to vastly improve their photo gallery. This is a very welcome improvement. The app is more seems sleek and user friendly. Check out the before and after pictures of a photos folder within Dropbox.

Before the update: A list view with filenames

After the update:


There is now a separate “Photos” tab, not unlike your Camera Roll, which shows the photos you've uploaded in reverse-chronological order. The photos used to be listed by their filename, but are now small thumbnails. Sharing photos are now even easier. You can email, text, Facebook message, Post to Facebook, or Tweet the chosen photo. Favoriting a photo will also let you view it when offline.

Another cool feature is that you can now choose where you want to save your uploaded photos. They do not have to just be saved within the Camera Uploads folder. You can either choose an existing folder or create a new one.

Speaking of Camera Uploads, Dropbox is still giving its users up to 3gb of extra space for free. Simply turn on Camera Upload under settings. Like before, Dropbox will give you 500mb at a time. Having Dropbox save your photos taken from your iPad or iPhones gives peace of mind for photo backup. Since photos do add up and take up a significant amount of space on our devices, having them saved to the cloud allows me to delete them off of them. You can choose to upload automatically over wifi and data, or just when you open the app. Remember, you should activate this feature even if you do not want to save your photos here. Once you get the extra storage, you can remove them and save them somewhere else. Your extra storage will remain yours forever.

This is a free update. To update Dropbox or other apps, go to the App store and tap the Updates tab. Scroll until you find the app you are looking for, and tap Update. If you have upgraded to iOS 6, you will no longer need a password to update free apps.


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