Bluetooth Music Receiver, a very affordable wireless audio solution

The Monoprice Bluetooth Receiver is a very useful product that I recently purchased for my teaching. As you may know, I am a “traveling” teacher and thus teach in seven or eight different classrooms during the week. I do have a cart which houses my projector, laptop, and iPad and speakers. Very often, especially for the primary classes, we will sing songs through either my iPhone or iPad.

In the past, I have had to attach my iPad and speakers using the aux output into the 3.5 mm headphone jack. This product has now essentially freed me from these wires. I am now free to either roam around the classroom, or sit in the teachers chair and play music wirelessly. I can also change tracks and adjust the volume with ease. It is much more affordable version of Airplay (which requires special Airplay speakers PLUS a wifi connection). I can use whichever app that plays any type of audio and sound will be pushed through my speakers.

Here again is a picture of my cart setup for teaching in different classrooms. I have four speakers which attach to a subwoofer:

Here is the receiver plugged into my cart and attached to my speakers:

This little receiver costs less than $20 and the sound quality is very good. Audiophiles may complain that the sound is not as crisp as a wired connection, but for the purposes of the classroom, the sound quality will be more than sufficient. The sound will fill the entire room, depending on your speaker set up. All you need is either a line-in or aux input on your speakers. Older CD players with speakers with the auxiliary input will work beautifully. Now you can use your bluetooth-enabled device to play any audio and the music will play over the speakers that the receiver is connected to. And NO wifi connection is needed!

Just today, I used the receiver along with Game Show Sound Board in the gym for an all-school assembly. I was able to roam around the entire gym and there were no issues regarding playback and sound quality. This will give teachers extreme flexibility when playing any sort of audio for assemblies.

Set up:

  1. Plug in the receiver into an A/C outlet (wall socket).
  2. Attach the auxiliary or RCA cable to it and the other end into your speakers.
  3. Locate the speakers under bluetooth on your device. You will need to enter a code (only the first time). Also, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your Settings.
4. Now, double-tap the home button, swipe right twice to find the Airplay button:

(Although Airplay and Bluetooth are different, the Bluetooth speaker options are still listed under the Airplay tab)

5. You will find the term iSpeaker. Once you select that, all audio should now be coming through your speakers.

Here is the official video from Monoprice showing how it works:



For less than $20, this is a great audio solution for teachers who play lots of audio in class. Airplay speakers, while probably the best sounding, are still very expensive (upwards of $300 or more), and are probably not an option for most teachers to purchase for their classrooms. Also, a wifi connection is always required for Airplay. Wifi is something that I'm sure not all classrooms have the luxury of having.

Monoprice will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with it. For myself, this will become a teaching tool that I will use very often, especially for the primary grades. The device is small enough that I can take it home and connect it to my sound system and enjoy wireless music there as well.


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  1. Hansen Scott says:

    Very good solution for mobile teaching desk. If you need some thing to improve your sound quality you can see this website for an apt-x bluetooth music receiver better than others.

  2. D. Murali says:

    Hi: Thanks for the post. In this solution, do you still have to use the conventional amplification for your voice? Am looking for a replacement to the typical mic-amplifier-speaker in classroom.

    1. Yes. This is not a microphone solution.

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