How to easily add or change an email address to iMessage and FaceTime on your second iPad or iPod touch

If you have more than one iOS device (I’m guessing a lot of you do), and you have more than yourself in your household using it, this post will show how to create a second email address to accept both iMessages and FaceTime calls. I just recently purchased an iPad mini for my wife, and wanted to separate Messages and FaceTime from my own devices, while at the same time keep all apps and music purchases under my own account.
The Problem:
This is probably a common issue for families. A friend told me just this morning that he is constantly receiving messages throughout his day and night on his iPhone, intended for his wife!
Before figuring all this out, I tried messaging and FaceTime each device as one recipient. I wanted to be able to communicate with my family while at work or elsewhere.
Messages were quite messy, as each device received “double” messages.
FaceTime was even harder to do. Half the time it didn’t work:
Why just use one iTunes account?
There are advantages in keeping all iDevices in the family within one central iTunes account. All paid apps and music can be shared, eliminating the need to purchase apps that are used on all devices. If you have an iTunes Match account, all music is instantly shared between devices, downloadable just be tapping the iCloud button. Parents can monitor their children and teenagers using the Find My iPhone/iPad app; they can track locations simply. The ease of iCloud and the simplicity of Apple’s “It just works” slogan makes the decision to just use one account an easy one.
iMessage and FaceTime
iMessage on the iPad is actually called Messages for some reason. While these two features are one app on the iPhone, they are two separate apps on both the iPad and iPod touch.
If you have allocated a device for a specific family member, Apple has made it quite easy for you to separate it from your own devices, making it less of a hassle of everyone receiving the same messages and FaceTime calls. After completing these steps, you will be able to both iMessage and FaceTime each other on the respective devices.
The solution:
You will need another email address (One that is not associated with an Apple ID already, probably one that belongs to the person you are setting this up for). For myself, I quickly set up a separate Yahoo account and used that.
You need to complete the following steps twice, for both Messages and FaceTime:
1. On the device that you want to add the different email address, go to Settings, Messages, Add another Email. Type it in. It will say “Verifying”.
2. Go to that email and verify the address by signing in to your ORIGINAL iTunes account.
3. Once verified, you are almost set to go. You will probably want to UNCHECK your original addresses and phone numbers that you do not want associated.
4. Now test it out. On your original device, send a message to the new email. If it works, try replying to it.
For FaceTime, do the exact same steps:
Test out FaceTime now by calling one another. It should work fine.
This is the verification email that Apple sends to the new address. Follow the instructions.
Now I am able to easily message and FaceTime my wife without any problems. Each address receives its own messages, meaning we no longer will see messages meant for the other person. This tip should be handy for any parents who have multiple devices for their kids. Please let me know if this works for you!

Don’t have an Apple device, but want to use FaceTime on your PC? Check out this link to learn how.

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  1. Cambogia XT says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >How to easily add
    or change an email address to iMessage and FaceTime on your second iPad or iPod touch |
    <Liked it!

  2. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after looking
    at a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I came across it
    and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

  3. Do you have a fix if no verification e-mail ever arrives from Apple?

    1. Haven’t encountered that. Have you tried a reset on the second device?

  4. Jai says:

    While adding a new email to FaceTime I get error it says it is already in use .i am not using that gmail id then why it keep on saying the same and not configuring
    Anyone guide me to fix this

    1. Anonymous says:

      Me too! It only says that the email that i entered is already in use. How to fix this.

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