App #4: Pick-Me [promo codes available!]

*Post updated January 2013!
Pick-me remains a favourite app used within the classroom for me. It really does solve the problems of a) the keener who gets upset when he doesn’t get picked often, and b) the students who never participate.
With a recent update, Pick-Me now allows you to change the images that you can randomize for your students! Here is a screenshot of some of the new images I have added:
Younger students especially will enjoy the funny pictures. To get additional images, simply open up Safari, and google image their favourite characters. Save to Camera Roll, then import them within the app. They can be randomly assigned, meaning students will receive different images each time their name is chosen. Or they can be specifically assigned to a student. I let my students giggle a bit each time, but I also tell them that if it gets overwhelmingly silly, then I will not show them the iPad.

Pick-Me can also randomly assign groups for you (Groups of 2 or up to 10 or more). You can assign group names, or edit the lists above.

I have promo codes if you are interested. Leave me a comment if you would like a free copy!

Pick-Me is a 99 cent app that is a lot of fun for teachers and students alike. How often do teachers have a lot of hands up for their questions? I certainly do, and, while I appreciate the willingness to answer, it is a daunting task to make sure I’m being fair and not choosing the same people over and over.

Enter Pick-Me. Simply add in your classlist and the app will pick students for you. If you only have one class, no problem. It shouldn’t take too long to manually enter the names in on the iPad. If you are a specialty teacher like myself, with multiple classes, there is a way to import what’s called a .csv file from Microsoft Excel. It takes a couple steps, but it’s not too hard.

Once a student is chosen, s/he will not get chosen again unless you alter it. Names may be put “back in the mix” after one to ten turns, thanks to the most recent update.

If you are super keen, you can even import the students’ photos. I have way too many students to do that. Pick Me will have an image ready randomly. Younger students have a hoot and love this if you choose to project it. Of course you can just look at your device on your own.

Have trouble choosing groups for projects? Let the iPad do it for you. You can choose up to groups of 10. The app will even give random team names if you want. This app will come in very handy for coaches and PE teachers who want to try to create random, if not more balanced teams.

You can even use this app for assessment. For oral evaluation, ask a question, wait a few seconds while students think of the answer, then pick. That student chosen must answer it.

Pick-me is a universal app that you can also you with your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Notice there is a different app also called “Pick me!”, as opposed to “Pick-me”.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Joel thorpe says:

    I’d love this. I use a random name generator, but this is a whole new level of cool. Free please and I would melt!!!

  2. Filomena says:

    J’aimerais avoir le code pour pouvoir l’essayer avec mes élèves s’il vous en reste, s’il vous plaît.
    Une autre prof de français comme toi!

    1. Malheureusement les codes pour PICK ME ne marchent plus. Sorry.

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