App #33: Mathtopia+ [FREE PROMOS AVAILABLE]

Mathtopia+ ($3.99USD) is a mathematics app that I can truly say is a solid, fun and educationally-sound app. Although I am a foreign language teacher, I am already trying to brainstorm ways on how to use it in my classes. I am positive that all math teachers from grades 1-8 will truly benefit from Mathtopia+. Learning how to play is simple. Mastering the game takes time. I say “play”, although learning is most definitely involved. Students will definitely benefit from this app. Even adults can brush up on their math facts by playing it.
I would describe Mathtopia as a melange of a math review game and the popular game Bejeweled. I found myself challenging the levels, and wanting to go on and on. It is an app that focuses on the fundamentals of math, while at the same time adding neat elements of play. Mathtopia is a game for mastering math facts. It makes math, perhaps a subject where some may not enjoy as much as others, become fun.

An abbreviated version of how to play:

Choose (tap) the “answer” on the right first, then choose a question (expression) on the left. Or, if you wish, tap the element first, and then the answer. If correct, it becomes a coloured square. Then you can move tiles up/down and right/left. Form a line of three (or more) and that line will disappear, allowing more questions to drop. Timed standards are recorded in the player’s average response to each question.

Incorrect answers will result in a square being locked, making the “bejeweled” portion of the game more difficult.
Students will definitely try not to receive too many!

Applications in the Foreign-Language classroom?

I can already see my students (all 350 of them) itching to play this great math game. I am going to project it and demonstrate how to play as a class. As a French teacher, I can review numbers and math problems in French. Students can cheer each other on, as, for the moment, there is only one iPad in the class. I will project it on the large screen for the rest of the class. Perhaps I can point to a question, and the class can shout out the answer in French for the individual who is playing.

A Class Set of iPads, all playing Mathtopia+!

In the near future, we will have 16 iPad minis to share between the school. Students will be able to either take turns, or even pair up and play as partners. Teachers will be able to use this app to monitor student learning. Students can log in (up to 6 people on one iPad) and record their scores. There are over thirty levels that will keep even the keenest and brightest math students interested and engaged. Individuals will be able to proudly share their high scores and Game Center achievements and trophies that they win.

Read more about Mathtopia here and here.

Check out some video tips from the developers here.

Mathtopia+ ($3.99) and Mathtopia, a free, trial version (free for the first several levels and then individual modules are acquired through in app purchase) are identical; however, only Mathtopia+ is available at a discount ($1.99) through the Apple Volume Discount program. Both offer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division fact modules. Mathtopia+ is a universal app that will work on iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone (purchase it once and use it on all your iDevices at home!)


This app is a winner all-around. Teachers will be impressed by the math being “calculated” in their student’s minds while using the app. I can see students being so engrossed in the “game”, that will soon forget that what they are playing is in fact very educational. Both teachers and parents at home will see that this is a stand-out app among many math apps in the App store. They are able to track progress towards math fluency for up to six users on the level selection screen. Mathtopia+ is very well designed, from the graphics, gameplay all the way to the sound effects.

Promo codes for lucky readers!

If you think you would be able to use this in the classroom and would like a chance to get a Mathtopia+ for free, please leave me a comment below. I have a few to give away. I’ll let you know either by email or Twitter direct message (Follow me if you’re on Twitter!) on February 19 if you have won.

Promo codes do expire. These expire on February 21.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I’d like a promo code!! This sounds great! I’m a math and French teacher so it has double the purpose!

  2. I would like one, if that’s possible.

  3. bearpear95 says:

    I’d like to snag one!

  4. Martin says:

    I would like a promo code!! I teach French immersion and maths!

  5. Brendan Lea says:

    I would love one. I’m going to be the IT facilitator next year and am always on the hunt for a great resource.

  6. mrbrenlea says:

    I would love a promo code. I’m going to be the tech facilitator next year and I’m always on the hunt for good tools (@mrbrenlea)

  7. Ewa Krawczyk says:

    Czy jesteś Polakiem, masz takie nazwisko, czytamy Cię w Polsce!

  8. Pick me, please! Giving away technology is a wonderful tax write-off. Thank you.

  9. Kathy pirie says:

    Thanks for reviewing these apps. I am a classroom/spec needs SSO and parents are frequently asking me about the best apps, up until 5 mins ago I had absolutely no clue what to tell them.

    1. Glad to help. Spread the word!

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