Part Two: How To Manage Storage On Your iPad

Here are just a couple more tips on increasing your available storage on your iDevice.

(If you haven’t read part one, check it out here.)

Find apps that have data stored locally on your device that you don’t necessarily need. I was able to find two more data hogs.

1. Instagram (Yes, I know it’s primarily an iPhone app, but it will still work well on the iPad, especially if you have an iPad 3 or newer. Just enlarge the app using the 2x button.)

Instagram was using 564 MB when I first checked. I figured all of my photos were both saved online in Instagram AND also in my Camera Roll, so I took a tiny risk and deleted it. I re-installed it immediately. After signing in, all my photos were still there. I had gained over 500 MB and lost nothing.

Check out a previous post on how to use Instagram without sharing with the entire internet.

2. Reader apps like Prismatic

Prismatic, as mentioned in a previous post, is a great app for discovering articles that cater to your reading tastes. You have the ability to save files locally to your device, probably to read later on, especially when you are without an internet connection. However, I noticed the app was taking up 489 MB. I knew I was going to lose my saved articles, but decided to delete and reinstall anyways. After doing so, it become just 9.9 MB. I realize that it will also grow over time, but this is also a huge reduction. After reinstalling, all of the articles that I had “read” and “recommended” were still saved in my account. So, knowing that, I have recommended articles rather than saved them since doing this. Prismatic is also available online. I checked my account on my Mac and all my saved articles were still there. Once again, I did not lose any data. Unfortunately, for some reason, Prismatic does not yet(!) have a native iPad app, but like Instagram, can also be used as a scaled-up iPhone app.

above: Prismatic is my go-to app for reading interesting material several times a day

3. Check out your creation apps like iMovie

This one might be more obvious, but if you have iMovie installed (already over a 500 MB app itself), and have finalized and exported the videos that you have worked on, remember to delete the projects, which are likely to be large data files as well. Make sure however that you do not want to further edit your projects before deleting them.

Apps such as iMovie and GarageBand are enormous in size. I will sometimes even delete them for longer periods of time if I know I won’t be using them (for example, during a school holiday).

Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas for this!

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  1. webbsida says:

    Simply wanna input about few general issues, The site layout is ideal, typically the articles is really great: D.

  2. Josh says:

    I also struggle with keeping my iPad storage space free. My kids love taking photo booth pictures and other miscellaneous pictures of themselves. Any app that is used to create can hog memory. Thanks for the tip.

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