App #43: Mailbox – Receive 1GB Bonus Dropbox Storage!

Update: August 2013 – Get 1GB Bonus Dropbox Storage!

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Update: Get 1GB of Dropbox Storage!

If you have Mailbox installed, you are able to gain 1GB of Dropbox storage, simply by linking the two services! Don't worry, if you have linked it already, just unlink and redo it. It's that easy. (Make sure you have the Dropbox app installed as well). Even if you decide you don't like Mailbox, delete it, and the extra storage will remain.

Mailbox, one of the most talked-about email apps, has just been updated, allowing you to attach your Dropbox files directly within the app. This will be a pretty handy feature if you are a gmail user (Mailbox is gmail only for the moment). This will allow for the freedom to send anyone any of your files in your Dropbox folder. (Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March for a reported $100 million).

I won't do a full review of the app (you can find a good review here), but I'll just talk a bit about the attachments feature.

While one can share links directly from the Dropbox app, people more accustomed to regular “email” may prefer this new feature. You can also attach as many files (albeit one at a time) to an unlimited number of recipients.

To attach a Dropbox file, tap the paperclip icon and a list of your Dropbox files and folders will open up. Select and that's it!

This just adds to the convenience of sharing through both iPhone and iPad. Your whole Dropbox library of files is now available directly from this app.

Below: While it seems like the actual files are attached, the recipient still receives a link to your Dropbox. This is actually more convenient, since they can either download it or add the files directly to their own Dropbox, even from their mobile devices.

You can even send a movie file as big as 630MB!

Although I still use the stock Mail app, I enjoy using Mailbox to quickly delete unwanted emails. I even deleted the official Gmail app today, as I found it always took around 5 seconds to open. If you are a gmail user and haven't tried Mailbox yet, download it and give it a try.

Check out a short video of Mailbox:





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