App #45: Test Producer

Test Producer ($9.99) is a solid and robust iPad app that allows educators to create (paper) quizzes and tests directly from their iPads. This app is another way that we can be less reliant on our PCs, and shows that iPads can indeed be a creation device.

Create and begin managing all of your tests for all your subjects. With a tap of a button, make a second version with different and re-ordered questions to easily prevent cheating. My sample quiz for this app review only took about twenty minutes to create a perfectly formatted quiz, not dissimilar to what I spend much more time on creating on my PC.

Question types:

  1. True/False (with correction lines)
  2. Fill-in the blanks (with optional word bank available)
  3. Multiple-choice (you can shuffle/reorder the questions to any order)
  4. Essay (short or long answer)

Here are some of the other great features of Test Producer:

  • Shuffle questions now shuffles multiple choice answers
  • Copy questions and sections to another test!
  • Resize question cards in portrait mode, and to choose to have open space for essay questions versus lines
  • With two taps you can have A/B versions and then shuffle the questions.
  • Quickly rename a test by tapping on it's title.
  • Pull up a PDF preview right from the tests screen and mail it, send it to another app, or print it with an AirPrint-enabled printer on your network!
  • Select narrow, standard, or wide margins with one tap.
  • Select normal, small or large font size and line spacing.
  • Rearrange questions and even sections in the exact order you like.
  • Insert images from your Camera Roll directly into specific test questions.
  • Create a graph, table, chart in Pages for iOS and tap it and choose “Copy” and it copies an image to the clipboard, which can easily be pasted into question text.

Once satisfied with the final layout, print and/or save a copy of your test. Easily print off a copy with the correct answers inserted as well! This feature will be great for when you have assistants marking for you, or when the class is peer-marking a short quiz.

Here are some of the layout customizations available before you print and save:

Here are some of my export options:


Once your tests are created, export options include emailing a PDF copy to yourself/colleagues/saving to Dropbox/Google Drive or any other app that can handle PDFs that you have on your iPad.

As with the large majority of you, I have a huge bank of tests already on MSWORD, but I can definitely see myself designing new ones from this app. The formatting is done completely for you, you do not need to worry about margins or bullets or numbering. The customizations are great. Headers can be completely customizable, moveable, and can be in any language available on your iPad (This feature will obviously come in handy for me as a French teacher!) Keep your tests saved within the app in case you want to make changes for the next term/year. Save a PDF version onto Dropbox for safekeeping as well.

This app has potential to be very useful for many teachers, as the shift from PC to tablet use is gradually becoming more apparent. I found the app easy to learn. It can only get easier as you create more tests. Give it a try and you'll like it as much as I do. Purchase it before September (at the sale price!) so you can be accustomed to it for the next school year.

Check out their official website and their Facebook page.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Filomena says:

    J’enseigne moi-même le français et j’aimerais m’en servir dans la classe de français et pour pouvoir essayer la pédagogie inversée.

  2. nerdherd1 says:


  3. Adria Arafat says:

    Kinda a tech guru at my college, would love to try this and then share with other teachers!

  4. Kinda a tech guru and want to try this and then share with other teachers!

  5. mdeschamps43 says:

    I would love to try it! Thanks!

    1. Martin. Leave me your email address here SVP.

  6. bruceathome says:

    I would like to try it to compare it to creating tests on a word processor – I am sceptical as to whether it would be as functional and also I am concerned about the long term compatibility of the tests created – I would like to be able to take the tests and use them in other software if I choose to and not be locked into one app.

  7. I am really looking forward for this ipad app. this tech master will help me a lot in many ways and the software provided by you is even simple. thankyou for the coupon codes.

  8. Marie-Claude Vaudrin says:

    Une alternative fort intéressante! J’aimerais bien l’essayer dans mes cours de français!

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