App #47: Silent Light

It is safe to say that most teachers have struggled with classroom management at one point or another in their careers. As we gain teaching experience, our management ideally should become better over time. Silent Light is a brand new app that can assist you with the noise levels in your classroom.

Here is a quick description from the developers:

Introducing Silent Light, a tool to maximise concentration and focus in your classroom. A silent ally in effective classroom management, Silent Light can create calm and clarity in your learning environment. An exciting addition to your teacher toolkit, Silent Light gives instantly accessible feedback on the noise level in your class with beautiful, clear artwork and subtle audio cues. Set optimum sound level goals together and help your students manage their own learning. Silent Light shows the decibel level in your learning space with an easy to understand traffic light system, which you can share on your projector or TV using AirPlay or a connection kit.

This is the screen the class will see:

Here is a video of Silent Light in action:


While there are similar apps that measure classroom noise, Silent Light is unique two ways:

1. The ability to can type in what the class is supposed to be doing during the work time;

2. The point system

This will be a great classroom management tool for all grades, especially for students who can be easily influenced by class points. Reduce chatter from students that can distract those who really want to get things done. Increase their concentration for tasks that do not require conversation.

If you already have projection of your iPad set up, this would be a very good addition to your app toolkit. You can even use an old iPod touch to beam up for Airplay if you want. The app is universal, so you just need to purchase it once, and it can be used on all your devices. If you don’t have a projection set up for your iPad, you can leave it in the front of the room for students to peek at. Teachers will see great results in the behavior of their students, especially if they build up the point system!

Silent Light is available for $3.99 USD for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Check out for more information about this app.

Check out this post if you need help in projecting your device to your projector.


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