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My colleague Matt Przybylski (Check out his blog here) and I had the opportunity to give another workshop today at the NWCSI/CTABC convention. We had a great turnout again (you can see in the photo that we ran out of official seats!) We were excited to share the core apps that we use on a daily basis on our teaching. Everyone is welcome to download the PDFs and view the Google Doc, which include the app links and reviews (most of which are from

We did a dual screen, one showing each app in action, the other displaying our Keynote presentation. We highlighted different 21st century ways of presenting our content by seamlessly switching between two iPads using an AppleTV and Airplay mirroring. Our second screen used a wired adapter connected to a third iPad, along with the Keynote Remote app on an iphone to wirelesly control the second screen.

(This was the only photo I was able to take!)

It was a great chance to answer questions that teachers had. Lots of them brought their devices and were downloading the apps as we introduced them. I noticed that, each year of the conference, more and more teachers are beginning to use iPads in education. Last year, we held the only iOS workshop, and this year, there were multiple to choose from. It is encouraging to see! If you attended one of our two workshops this year, thank-you! Please let us know in the comments your thoughts.

Matt and I are available to do educational iPad workshops in the Greater Vancouver area. We are able to do general iPad workshops and more app-specific ones if you wish.  Contact us if you’re interested in us coming to your school.

Here is a copy of our Keynote presentation.

Here is the PDF of our handout.

Most importantly, here is the google doc containing all the app links and reviews.

Here is an article Matt and I wrote collaboratively: How to be a TERRIBLE iPad teacher

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  1. d says:

    Great workshop guys! Really enjoyed the presentation, even though I’m not an iPad user. I’ve downloaded a number of the apps you highlighted and am going to give them a try on my Surface. The ‘Pick Me’ app might be a hit with my kids:)

    1. Thanks so much for coming! We appreciated it!

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