iPad Filming Tips [SLIDESHOW]

This week, my colleague Matt Przybylski (@iphysed) prepared a workshop for our teaching staff regarding iMovie and how to use it in the classroom. Our school is lucky enough to have a set of 16 iPad minis that rotate around the classes. Our students will soon be making a large variety of movies in their classes.

Making movies with iPads is without a doubt much easier nowadays then a few years ago, when we had to:

  1. Film using a camcorder (or digital camera)
  2. Insert the media (SD card etc.) into a computer
  3. Use computer software to edit the video
  4. Burn the video to a DVD, or save to USB
  5. Hope the DVD player we used (or parents had at home) could read burned discs

Sharing the videos used to be a tedious task. Large files were hard to share.

Now, everything is done on the iPad. Sharing the videos could not be simpler.

Here are some useful tips that both teachers and students can learn when filming with iPads. Included is also a small task that the teachers completed, basically practicing some general iMovie basics. Feel free to use those with your students and co-workers as well.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any more tips to add! I look forward to a future post discussing the newly update iMovie for iOS 7.

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