First Impressions of the iPad Air

Today was the first day of sales for the iPad Air. Although there was a line out of the store as usual on a product launch day, it looks like stock will probably meet demand. I noticed about twenty people in line. The Apple Store worker had a huge stack of cards to hand out ensuring each individual in the line would have their new iPad reserved to purchase.

My very first impression to the Air was (obviously) the smaller form factor. It really does look like an entirely new device. It has the same screen size at 9.7 inches, but cuts away a large portion of each side, resembling a larger iPad mini.


The sides are now the same as the iPad mini:
If you have large hands, holding the iPad Air in one hand is comfortable. The weight difference is also noticeable, from 1.4lb to 1 lb.
Stacking the iPad Air on top of the iPad 4, you can see it pretty much takes away the equivalent of an entire side bezel:

I am confident that this iPad will sell very well. It is not only the new form factor that is appealing in this model. The new processor will make this run all applications lightning fast. After experiencing how unbelievably fast the new A7 chip runs on my iPhone 5s, this iPad is going to be a powerhouse. It is a great time to purchase a new iPad, especially if you haven't ever bought an iPad yet.


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