Dropbox App Updated for iOS 7 with Promises of Even Better Features to Come

I have been a fan of iOS 7 and its fresh new look the last couple of months. Most of the major apps have already updated their design to match that of the operating system. Dropbox has just refreshed their app to go along with the flat iOS 7 style.

Improvements in this update, version 3.0, include:

  • All-new design, with white as the common colour
  • Ability to toggle fullscreen on the iPad app with one tap
  • Faster loading and launching times
  • Faster PDF viewing
  • Improved “Open in...” function allowing quick access to open files in other apps.
Check out the differences of the previous version and new in the iPad app:

Now check out the iPhone app, side by side with the old and new:

Dropbox has also added Airdrop within their sharing options. This will come in very handy if you are working with a class set of iPads. Note that when you share a file, it is the download link that you are sharing, not the actual file. I tried this with several files, from photos to documents to videos:

This is what the receiver will see once you request an Airdrop share with them. Remember that the receiver must be turned on for it to be findable:

On the Dropbox blog, the developers notify that more changes are on the horizon:

The new Dropbox app is a bit like a new beginning for Dropbox on iOS. While many things will feel familiar, we hope you’ll notice the small tweaks that make a pretty big difference. And maybe best of all, it sets the stage for some exciting things to come. (Source: The Dropbox Blog)

Go and update your Dropbox app now (Requires that your device is running iOS 7). The changes are welcome and improve on what is already an incredible app and service. Now, here’s hoping Dropbox will pleasantly surprise all of us by offering us more free storage space. They can afford the space. They were recently seeking quite a large valuation.

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