Unusual Educational Apps

As one famous smartphone and gadget powerhouse once said ‘there’s an app for that’. That may have been over 5 years ago, but there now literally is an app for everything, no matter what type of phone or tablet you use.

It makes sense then that not all of these apps are ways to pass the time, some can also be highly educational. In fact, as more and more of us own or use mobile devices and consume information on them every day, it’s important to have educational apps or apps with educational qualities that we can take advantage of too.

In fact there are many apps out there which you might not associate with learning at first, but which actually have a few educational benefits, no matter how unusual that seems. Here’s a list of apps which at first might just seem like a novelty or bit of fun, but which are unusually educational:

Mobile gaming apps

A lot of people now play bingo and casino games online, and to cope with demand many have created mobile apps to keep up with the changes in player trends. At first this might just seem like a fun pastime of playing bingo only doing so in an app, but in actual fact bingo whether in app form or not has quite a few educational benefits. For example on a bingo app like Comfy Bingo you can learn agility when daubing off numbers, and also improve alertness and concentration as you have to be fully focused on the balls and your numbers. It also teaches restraint as you have to wait for a game to start and not call bingo if your numbers haven’t come up.


One of the biggest social media apps around, this visual pin board app is actually highly educational. To the novice user, it may just seem like a vast space full of pretty visuals of anything from clothes to sunsets, home décor to animals, which you can simply ‘repin’ if you like it. However within Pinterest there’s a vast library of information that can be found if you know where to look. For example it’s a hub for foodies, so if you’re interested in learning about cooking you’ll find tons of recipes and hacks to make top culinary dishes. The network is also full of useful how-to’s on almost any subject, from things like how to shop for interior design to ways you can save money in the home without affecting your lifestyle.

Just Eat

This revolutionary app has no doubt changed the way we can order takeaway, as we no longer have to find the exact place we’re looking for, or even speak to someone to order. This hub has it all, letting you know about all the takeaway and delivery options in your area, whether you’re looking to pick up or have delivered to your door. As well as being hugely convenient, it’s also unexpectedly educational as it allows users to access restaurants they may never even knew existed, meaning they can sample foods from countries and cultures they never knew about before. It’s a great way to learn about new cultures – and what better way to learn than with food involved?


Twitter is a powerhouse of information, and has been for almost 10 years since it first launched. As the rise of mobile technology dominates more than just the millennial generation, more and more people are turning to these rapidly moving networks for their news information. Many young people use social media as their primary source of news, with a third of 18 to 24 year olds claiming that their vote in the UK 2015 general election was based or likely to be swayed according to information found on social media.

These are just a few of the apps available from the Apple App Store and Google Play store which can be unexpectedly educational as well as fun.

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