5 Valuable iPad Apps for Student Health

This article talks about a few special health apps that could influence a young child's life, because teachers could use them to help their students learn valuable life skills.


As a teacher, it is an integral part of your job to share valuable life skills with your young students. These days, it is easier than ever before to do so because of the large number of apps available to you. Health is a subject young children must learn about from a very early age if they're to stay as healthy as possible, plus the knowledge they learn now will stay with them as they grow up. Here are some fantastic health apps you might like to share with your students and each one will teach them something important.

Brush DJ (free, iTunes link)

You never know if a child is learning how to brush their teeth properly at home, but even if they have been taught they might sometimes get a little lazy. If you introduce them to this cool app they might actually look forward to brushing their teeth because it will turn into a game. They will have to keep brushing for around 2 minutes until the background music stops playing, but while they are hard at work they'll be able to watch the screen and it will show them where they should be brushing.


Easy Eater (free, iTunes link)

Are you sick and tired of watching your students stuff their faces full of chocolate and cookies during lunch every day? If they don't change the way they think about food they might find themselves slightly overweight before they finish high school. You can help out by letting them use the Easy Eater app before they eat lunch every day. They can enter the details of the food they're going to eat and it will come back with a score, so if they're not eating enough healthy food they can ask about it at home.


Smash Your Food HD ($2.99, iTunes link)

Here is another app that focus on eating healthy food, but your students will be able to take the skills they learn inside this app and apply them to real world situations. What age were you when you learned how to read nutritional labels? I actually think most adults don't know how to decipher them, but your students will be able to after they've played around with this app. They will guess what certain 'bad' foods contain and they can squash them like a bug to see if they were right.


Super Stretch Yoga HD (free, iTunes link)

Kids are too young to lift heavy weights or learn mixed martial arts, but if you want to help them stay healthy you can teach them about yoga. Super Stretch Yoga HD will teach them 12 moves anyone should be able to do and they'll be able to learn at their own pace. The app is also interactive and it's full of stories, animations, and lots of helpful videos they can copy. Getting children to move around from a young age is one of the most important things you can do.


This Is My Body ($1.99, iTunes link)

This Is My Body isn't an app for students who dream of becoming a doctor, but instead it's been designed so you can teach them about some important things they might like to know the answers to. How is it possible to see in the first place? Why do they need to eat every day? The children will learn everything in a playful way, but it's a serious app that answers a lot of questions. The app is also visually stunning which always makes learning a lot more fun.


Don't rush anything!

You don't need to force them to start using all these apps on the same day because they'll end up overwhelmed. Start with the one you think will be the most helpful and make your way slowly through the rest until the end of the school year.

Do you have any health-related apps that you use and would recommend? Please let us know in the comments!

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