Dropbox Tip: Saving Local Files on your Computer


I saw your article on teachingwithipad.org and thought maybe you could help me accomplish something. I am trying to copy files that have been shared with me by a friend who has Dropbox onto my computer or an external hard drive somewhere..not just hanging out in my cloud..so that if they are unshared with me I still have them. There are A LOT of them..hundreds.. 2.5G I believe..
Could you please tell me how to do that?

Do you have the Dropbox client locally installed on your computer? If so, and if you have joined a shared folder with your friend, all the files that are shared should already be on your computer. If not, I would download the client (not the iPad/iPad app). Within your computer settings, you can choose which folders get locally saved (if you don't have a large hard drive, this is a key feature). Once you have located the files, you may wish to save them once again (like you said, in case they are unshared/deleted). Create another folder on either your computer's hard drive or on an external hard drive, and COPY and PASTE them the files there. Do NOT cut or drag them out of the shared folder: Your friend will lose access to them!). Now, you technically have two copies of the mentioned files.

In summary, do not download the files one by one on Dropbox.com, that would be extremely time-consuming.

Let me know if this helps.


Note: This only applies if you have NOT ever synced your Dropbox to your PC.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!


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