Green Screen Movie FX Studio – Promo Codes Available!

In preparing for a Green Screen Workshop this week, my good friend Matt and I created this presentation profiling the app Green Screen Movie FX Studio, by Epocfield ($2.99, iTunes link). We have been using this app for almost two years now, and have been very happy with what it can achieve. Although the learning curve for this app is steeper than most, the possibilities are limitless. If you take some time to play around and learn how to use this app, you can really have a lot of fun with it. We used it with third to six graders a couple of summers ago, and they were able to do it quite well.

Thank you Graham Oldfield, the app developer, for supplying some promo codes for the attendees to our workshop. If you readers out there are looking into Green Screen on your iPad, leave a comment here, and I'll see if I can get some more codes.

Here is a video from Graham on the basics of how to use this app:

I'll write another post after the workshop, letting you know how it went! Remember to leave a comment if you're interested in a promo code!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Allison Sasaki says:

    This sounds great! I am totally interested in trying this app.

    1. Allison, Congrats. Check your email!

  2. Dennis Hirschfelt says:

    If you get any extra codes I’d love to try it! Thanks.

    1. Dennis
      Check your email!

  3. Dennis Hirschfelt says:

    If you get any extra codes I’d love to fit it a try. Thanks!

  4. ipadindeklas says:

    I like to try this app with my classes. Is there a possibility to get a promo code? Thanks a lot.

    1. Sent to your email!

  5. Actually I’m really interested in the app cause then I really want to start using green screen, but do not want the hassle of using camera and laptop! I ll retweet on twitter for Dutch users as well!

    1. Hi Manon, Check your email!

  6. Sarah sherwood says:

    I am interested in a promo code. Thank you.

    1. Sarah, Congrats. Check your email!

  7. ipadindeklas says:

    Hello, sorry i deleted de mail with the code on my iPad. I can’t get it back. Can you please give me an other promo-code? Sorry for the inconvenience.


  8. Gökay says:

    Can i get promo code if it is available?

    1. Sorry. Promo is over. There might be another soon!

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