App #55: Make it! [Promo Codes Available!]

Are you a teacher that has lots of ideas for review games for your students? Here is an app where you can begin building your collection. There is a large selection of templates to help you along. You can import your own pictures/images. Make it is an original app that fosters individual creativity, both of the teacher and of the student.

Planet Factory Company announces their new app, Make It, ($4.99, iTunes link) a powerful new iPad tool for teachers, parents and students to quickly and easily create their own individual educational games and activities. Users can then share these with family, friends, colleagues, classes or individuals through social media or email. An advantage for Make it is that the activities can be played on any device or operating language. Make it for Teachers & School was awarded by the Association of American Publishers as Innovation Finalists.

Win a copy of Make it! Read until the end to find out how!

With Make It, users can create games, activities, books, stories, slideshows, and then easily share them within the app. Make It is a powerful authoring tool for iPad, combining multiple dynamic templates, proven didactic methodology and professional presentation techniques in one easy-to-use application.

From the developer:


  • Create dynamic interactive games for classroom or students
  • Share projects with anyone, on any platform (PC, MAC, iPad, Android), anywhere
  • Connect via the cloud, email or social networks
  • Personalize your content and downloadable libraries
  • Unlimited output with 8 different interactive dynamic activities to choose from
  • A powerful storyteller to help kids develop their creativity and narrative skills
  • Introduce or reinforce complex concepts in a way students really connect with
  • Embedded educational methodology
  • Recommended Age: To use the app, 7 (readers), but to play the games, 0+

below: Here is a sample activity where the corresponding sounds play when you tap the instrument:

The app comes with interactive menus, drawing, memory, relationships and quizzes (including written), a range of themes and multiple content libraries to access from the outset or users can select their own content to include. No other app allows you to create the range of personalized games and activities that are included in Make It.

‘Make It for teachers and schools’: it’s unique on the App Store. It is currently on sale for only $2.99 for a few days!

This app is another example of the power that the iPad can accomplish using some innovative ideas. Students will enjoy the activities, made by imaginative teachers and parents. By projecting your iPad to the class, you can teach dynamic lessons that are different from the norm. The combinations of activities that you can make are endless. Take a look at this app if you like to use your creativity.

below: I created this matching game using images from my Camera Roll:

Device Requirements:

* Compatible with iPad.

* Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

* 136 MB

Promo Codes for Make It!

Thanks for reading this review.

The developers of Make It have generously given me a few free promo codes to give out for my readers!

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jihad says:

    This app seems pretty handy. I use my iPad in my classroom all the time. Can’t wait for my promo code!
    Thank you!

  2. Thi sounds like a great app and as the Tech Integration Specialist at Sacred Heart I can absolutely use something like this- especially with music. I would love to try it out and get our teachers on board. In the kindergarten we can no longer take the field trip to the symphony and what a cool way to create a game to teach the kids about those instruments and the sounds they make. So many other integration possibilities with all subjects!!! Thank you for sharing and hopefully I will be a lucky winner of a code. I will certainly reply back with how it works.

    1. Check your email, Kristin!

  3. I am very new at using my ipad in class. I am working with another teacher and think this app could help us both. She is more experienced. I am a novice.

    1. theteachernextdoor says:

      I forgot to leave my email address:

  4. Karen says:

    I’ve tried out Make It and liked it alot. It was very intuitive to use, with a lot of flexibility to be really creative with how you can create a game, or series of games / activities. There is also a great range of activity-types as well, and really like the free text and drawing options.

    In my experience of classroom situations, getting students to participate not only in playing the games, but particularly in co-creating games themselves, is a powerful way of learning – and this app makes it super-easy to do this in a fun and engaging way. I hope to introduce it into some of our learning activities next year. Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!

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