Who’s Better at Figuring Out Song Lyrics, Humans or Machines?

Mondegreens, those rhythmically-correct, yet, lyrically-incorrect attempts to hum a song are fun. They are part of the human experience of listening to music. People cannot help but try to attach lyrics to those they enjoy but cannot hear accurately. There Is often that humorous moment when we later learn what the actual artist sang. Nevertheless,…

iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 6: The Best $100 You’ll Ever Spend

My colleague and good friend Matt Przybylski and I love discussing Apple products. He has had the iPhone 6 plus since day 1 (almost 3 months ago!). I have had it for just over three weeks. We wanted to take the opportunity to share why we think the 6 plus is the better phone. Here are some reasons why, if you are debating which iPhone to get next, the iPhone 6 Plus should be the one you get.

App #56: Fun Math at the Ballpark [Promo Codes Available!]

Fun at the ballpark is a unique app for kids who love baseball. There are lots of fun math questions and activities that can be done either at the game and at home/in the classroom. Read to the end of this post to have a chance at winning a complete version of this app ($4.99)….