Top Tools for Writing and Proofreading on iPad

Writing and proofreading tools have made schoolwork much easier. Gone are the days when college students used to struggle with writing their essays using unresponsive built-in writing applications. Today, iPad boasts the best apps to write and proofread your essay, take your lecture notes in class and create presentations with the least effort possible. You don’t need to carry your laptop to class anymore. An iPad and probably a Bluetooth keypad are enough. With these all-important tools, you can finish your essay on the couch, in the library or anywhere you are. With an iPad and these useful tools, you won’t search “help me write my essay” again.




One of the best writing apps for iPad, Daedalus, gives writers distraction-free typing. This app starts by offering you stacks of paper. If you have different projects, you can assign a project to each stack to make your work easier and cleaner. You can use one stack for rough work. Each stack contains an unlimited number of pages to handle all your writing. The toolbar has a word count, font style, search and color options. For quick research, there is a search feature that lets you use Google and Wikipedia.

Daedalus allows you to:

● Change documents into several formats;

● Email your essay without using a browser;

● Access and Dropbox from within the app.




One of the most amazing features of Werdsmith is the ability to “travel back in time.” You can always restore your assignment if you have accidentally deleted it. Wordsmith offers you two screens – for ideas and projects. The idea screen acts like a rough copy page where you write your thoughts, notes, and sketches. Some other useful features offered by Werdsmith include:

● Online portfolio to publish your writing;

● Ability to share your work with other students or your lecturer by link or via email.



Are you writing your end-of-semester project? Consider using Storyist to tell your story. Storyist offers you planning and writing tools. When beginning a new project, you can choose from a blank page, screenplay or a novel. Each of these pages comes with various templates such as character profiles for novels.

With this app you can:

● Add comments and insert images into your work;

● Export your project using the .story, .txt or RTF extensions.




Why AreWriting and Proofreading Tools for iPad So Popular?

● With these tools, your class work is well-organized.

● You can submit your essays and projects with no grammar or vocabulary errors.

● You can easily share, export or publish your work with classmates and lecturers.

● You can recover deleted work.


Writing and proofreading tools are an ideal companion for every college student. With it, you will get distraction-free writing interface to concentrate on your writing, rough copy pages to write your ideas, notes and draw sketches and ability to share your work with friends, colleagues, and professors in real time.


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