Quick Tip: Easily Add Great Images to your Quizlet Sets!

If you’re a teacher, you’ll love to use Quizlet as a superb teaching tool. I use it regularly in my classroom, and my students use it as a means to review at home using their tablets or computers. Quizlet has proven to be an excellent way to review vocabulary and other facts both in the classroom and at home. It is a great way for new students to catch up on what they've missed in the past. Quizlet provides review games that are actually very fun and competitive.

I’m not sure how recent this feature is, but I recently discovered just how easy it is to add images to the cards. I used to (even up to last week) individually search for images online. I can now search within Quizlet and it literally takes only a few seconds each time. I knew that you could add images, but didn't know exactly how fast it was to do so, both on your computers and on your iPads. After discovering this on my MacBook air, I decided to give it a try on my iPad, and it was actually even faster to add images. Once you type in a word (either in English or in your target language, Quizlet will search up images related to the word. Simply choose one and it will upload it into your set automatically:

I went into all my current flashcard sets and added images to them. Adding images to six sets took me less than thirty minutes.

As a second language teacher, I actually prefer sometimes not to have the English definitions on the cards, but rather just the image. Quizlet allows that, and was even able to recognize the French words to find appropriate images. Now, students will be able to visually see great images to go along with the vocabulary that I teach.

Are you a Quizlet user? If so, give this feature of adding images a try! If not, it is free to sign up at Quizlet.com. You can view thousands of teacher created sets of cards flashcards, but obviously you can only add images to your own sets.


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  1. Audrey Misiano says:

    My students love quizlet. They tell me Learn and Speller are the best ways for them to learn their words. I pay for the pro version and now I see easy to read reports of what they are doing on there. Also, now we get to play Quizlet Live which they adore! It is a speed review team competition. You can create a game from any set of cards. Quizlet then creates random teams of the students who sign into the game with a game code. The students change their seats with their chromebooks to sit near their team mates. First team to get all the answers right wins! If one answer is wrong, whole team goes back to zero. It promotes collaboration as a team and they just love it!

    1. Thanks Audrey for the comment! Yes, time to blog about Quizlet live! May I quote you here?

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