7 Best VPN for iPad and iPhone

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a technology that establishes a secure connection between the host device and the internet. The encrypted connection offers a superior layer of protection as compared to having a simple antivirus to serve as protection for your device.

Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad greatly benefit from using a VPN network to avoid leaking sensitive information. Your iOS devices are largely at risk when you log on to public Wi-Fi networks such as a café, library, school, etc. In order to protect your valuable documents and personal files, a VPN is a necessity.

We have put together for you the top 7 VPN tools for iPad and iPhone.


1. Express VPN

Express VPN offers to protect your privacy by providing tools such as Anti-DNS Leak to prevent your ISP from spying on your browsing data, unlimited bandwidth for zero restrictions on traffic consumptions, Killswitch System to trigger and kill your internet in case your connection is obstructed and many other useful tools.

It provides an IP masking feature that supports up to 54 countries, the company strictly respects your privacy and never stores a single shred of information on its servers. Express VPN is everything that your iOS device needs in terms of protection and convenience.


2. Air VPN

Air VPN supports Open VPN to allow manual connection setup, aimed at a more tech savvy crowd, the VPN boasts of supporting up to 14 countries and provides 3 simultaneous connections at any given time. Some of the featured highlights are its support for SSL and SSH tunneling, VPN connect through Tor.

It has a transparent policy as far as bandwidth allocation goes and doesn’t support overselling. Air VPN provides your iOS devices with a quick and dedicated connection. It also allows port forwarding and payments can be made in the form of bitcoin.


3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is featured as being one of the only providers with its very own network infrastructure. As far as speeds go VyprVPN offers a lightning quick network with over 36 countries supported. Boasting of unmatched secure connection due to self-owned hardware and DNS, VyprVPNleaves nothing to third party services in protecting their clients.

Its Chameleon stealth system allows the user to browse through sites that are otherwise prevented by anti-VPN software. As a special treat, iOS users are provided with a custom app as well as instructions to setup OpenVPN connect.


4. Total VPN

Being the new kid on the block, Total VPN has rapidly expanded by providing IP masking services with state-of-the-art secured networks. Total VPN comes in free and premium versions allowing users to test their VPN before making a purchase. They support over 30 global connections worldwide and have a 24/7 customer helpline.

They offer a lightweight VPN service without the inclusion of unnecessary clutter, like most VPN providers. They strive to stay on point in securing your network against foreign threats. Total VPN is a fantastic choice to protect your iOS devices.


5. Tunnel Bear VPN

Filled with interactive puns and animated graphics, Tunnel Bear VPN breaks the standard approach of VPN networks by adding quirkiness to their approach to protecting your network. The iOS based app runs on IPsec protocol. Similar to Total VPN you are allowed to try their service before making a purchase.

It supports servers in over 15 countries and the app itself is designed to be user-friendly, it provides OpenVPS connection via client installation. Tunnel Bear VPN comes at a great value for money and is a good choice for your iOS device.


6. IP Vanish VPN

As far as reliability and speed go, IP Vanish VPN scores big and offers superior quality for video content such as streaming videos, uploading, etc. Paired with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited P2P traffic, this VPN provides iOS devices with fast server speeds and stores no data logs to provide the user with absolute privacy.

Customer support is available 24/7 to answer your queries, if you are not satisfied with the quality of service, you can proceed to claim your money within 7 days of payment. Torrents are downloaded on an anonymous connection.


7. Boleh VPN

Perfect for users that require highly secured connections and a simple user-friendly interface, Boleh VPN offers solid restriction-free connections to most websites. Its ‘xCloak’ tool scrambles web packets and ensures your OpenVPN connections are impossible to track. Like many other VPN networks, it stores no user data on its backend logs.

Boleh VPN accepts bitcoin and offers a 7-day trial for users wanting to test the VPN. The next time you decide to take your iOS devices on to a public network, secure them thoroughly with Boleh VPN.



Apple devices are a common sight to witness in public places, a greater sense of responsibility is required in order to protect your sensitive information from prying eyes. A VPN provides your iOS devices with a threat-free environment to ensure your data is protected at all times.


Mauricio is the CEO of Cloudwards.net, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud apps and services. He enjoys writing and producing educational videos around the cloud to help people find the best cloud service for their needs.

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