An unforgettable trip in Indonesia: exploring Java and Bali

Forget your clichés! Going on vacation in Indonesia is not just about relaxing in Bali. With a rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, divine religious sites and heavenly beaches, this destination has everything for a totally exotic trip… and unforgettable.

But what to see and what to do in Indonesia, this immense archipelago? For a successful stay, discover the essentials to visit in this country of Southeast Asia. But before continuing, learn some useful tourist secrets.

Visit the sacred places of Java and Bali

On the island of Java, you will reach Nirvana in the Borobudur temple, whose terrace is decorated with dozens of stupas, encouraging you to meditate. Not far from there, the beauty of all of Prambanan is also fully supported by the beautiful natural scenery. And if you are subject to this architectural marvel, the entire region of Yogyakarta is filled with transcendent Hindu or Buddhist temples, such as the Plaosan Temple and Sewu Temple. You will also be in a small cloud in Bali, with sanctuaries located in extraordinary places. While Uluwatu is perched on the edge of a cliff, Ulun Danu seems to float on the water and Tanah Lot is built on a rock surrounded by waves during high tide. Indonesia is a destination that will send even the simplest to 7th heaven!


Admire the beautiful view of Indonesia

Mount Bromo, the holy volcano for Javanese people, is a must with its large crater and white smoke. Not far from here, Ijen Crater is very impressive with its yellow caldera and turquoise acid lake. But Indonesia will also tempt you with its diverse landscape. If in Java, you can get lost in the dense equatorial forest, in Bali you will find happiness in front of an extraordinary spectacle of Jatiluwih rice fields or terraced rice fields in the valley of Sidemen. Finally, it is important to visit the West Bali National Park, which is home to mangrove forests, swamps, rainforests and savannahs. Or how to vary these pleasures?


Immerse yourself in Indonesian culture

In Indonesia, you will not wonder what to do. Thanks to a rich and lively culture, the only thing visitors don’t develop here is boredom! Discover this authentic Indonesia by attending a Wayang Kulit performance, puppet theater, or at a village festival where gods and ancestors are respected. But it is a traditional dance that really makes you feel the heart of the country. In Java, let yourself be enchanted by the Ramayana ballet which unites one hundred dancers and musicians. Magnificent show! And if life is also a party in Bali, in Ubud you will be able to compensate. The cultural capital of the island hosts Kecak, legong, barong, mask or row dance performances every night. Blending elegant choreography and extraordinary costumes, this Balinese dance is performed with the sound of a gamelan orchestra.


Have fun at your heavenly destination

To live in Indonesia truly successful, you need to take a trip to get water! With a rich seabed, shallow coral, and warm and calm seas, Bali is one of the best scuba diving destinations. Snorkeling is also very easy. While in Sanur, coral reefs can be admired 200 m from the beach, in Pemutaran, colorful corals and tropical fish will amaze you. If you want to make waves, Bali also has many famous surfing spots. Do you choose to stay soft? From trendy Seminyak to the most peaceful Jimbaran in Indonesia, heavenly beaches abound. And if it’s better to pass the famous Kuta Beach in Bali, too popular, we head for another Kuta, south of the island of Lombok, to enjoy a quiet beach. But on the Gili Islands that is truly paradise! In the end, prepare yourself better by downloading a number of apps. Someone who takes apps related to traveling will minimize the losses that can occur along the way.


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