Why Web Hosts are Now Placing an Emphasis on the Appearance of a Website on an iPad

Technology has been evolving and progressing at an incredible pace and everything else has to keep up. Before, the internet was only accessible to people through their home computers. As the years has gone by though, there are now more and more ways to access the internet.

Since its release in 2010, iPads have accounted for approximately 80% of all mobile traffic from tablets. With hundreds of millions of iPads sold globally, it is becoming a frontrunner in internet usage from mobile tablets. In 2014, the gadget took up 78% of all tablet usage in North America. Now that there is a wide range of iPad products available in the market, more people are more likely to have one that is best suited to them.

What People Use iPads for

Although advertised for a plethora of purposes, the iPad has been used for some purposes more than others. Over half of iPad users claim that their devices are mainly used for entertainment, while a little less than 50% of owners use their tablets for playing mobile games and using social networking sites. About a quarter of iPad users read books and listen to music with it. However, 75% of owners claim that they do use their iPads to access the internet and 63% of them use their iPads for checking their emails.

With the given data of how many iPad users use their devices to access the web, that alone should be a reason for web developers and web host providers to give importance to creating websites that can be viewed properly using the Apple product. iPad users are a growing demographic that has to be catered to in this competitive society. Soon enough, websites that aren’t iPad-ready might be negatively affected in the long run.

3 Reasons Why You Must Have an iPad-Friendly Website

If you still aren’t convinced that your website should be more iPad-friendly, then here are three good reasons that will surely change your mind.

1. Online Shopping

Would you have guessed that since 2013, online shoppers have been spending more time in their mobiles and iPads than in front of a computer? This alone is not only a massive population of internet users but more importantly, this is a population of potential consumers.

2. Prevalence

Have you ever turned to your iPad to do a quick Google search? Most people have. This very act of checking for information on personal devices have been becoming such a norm that a survey was conducted and revealed that 74% of users would most likely return to a site that is suited for their device as opposed to the 61% who would rather leave than deal with an ill-fitting website. Due to the convenience of these devices, almost 70% of people were more likely to buy at a device-friendly eStore.

3. Expectations

Maybe the most important reason of all is simply because people now expect it. Customers know what they want, and businesses should know too, so they can give the consumers what they demand. With the society that is now more dependent on their devices than ever, websites should also evolve to accommodate the average Joe.

Just as Charles Darwin said, evolution is just the survival of the fittest. This is applicable to technology just as it is applicable to life. iPads are here to stay and websites should be catered to that. Check here for web hosting reviews to help you make the best choice when choosing your web host.



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