Tips For Using iPads in the Classroom

We are living in a world where technological advancement is taking place at a very rapid rate. Just imagine the state of technology even just around ten years ago: It was quite a different landscape. There wasn’t much in the way of smartphones and other electronic devices. The year 2010 came the arrival of the iPad. We have learned that iPads can be important in sharing information in a more efficient manner, as they are extremely portable. iPads can be customized to suit the learning lessons for a particular class. The education  system is embracing the new technology. iPads make it easy for teachers to disseminate information in a more succinct manner. One aspect is sharing pdf for knowledge expansion. In this post, we will discuss additional tips on using the iPad in the classroom.

Interaction with the students

Educators have the right ability to search for all means to attract the attention of their students. With the modern generation embracing technology so fast, it is important to seize the opportunity and utilize it for their benefit. This gadget can be used to start an online group or even send online assessments to learners. Through the use of Internet, teachers can communicate with students the instruction of what they are required to accomplish within a specific period of time. It has also become easy to collect work from a large class. Instead of relying on manual submission, every student can email (or even AirDrop) the tasks to their teachers, with a tap of a few buttons.

Create Educational Content
Teachers have the opportunity to explore thousands of educational apps to  create an engaging lessons. Customized media content is easily made using the iPad; educators have identified these elements as essential in evoking the intrinsic motivation of the learners to attend class, especially children. Further, content can be accessed directly from the Internet at point of need.

Grade and Keep Student Work
Teaching tasks, such as grading, collecting assignment and taking notes, have been made easy by use of iPad in class. Instead of hauling bundles of paper and notebooks, all these can be consolidated within the iPad. Examples of application which are available to manage the work are Evernote, Google Docs and the lesser-known ForAllRubrics.

Make Students Think
The iPad can easily publish information. This means that the student can be able to share the work with other student by placing his or her thinking informal of published format. Instead of the student sharing information solely with their parents at home, they can extend by placing their work online for the public and for other classmates. This is a good step in extending the knowledge horizons.

Remember to Teach
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to replace traditional teaching with the iPad. Remember, the iPad is a teaching tool, and cannot execute the role of a physical teacher. It should only be used as such, guiding in achievement of the final objective. Once you decide to use iPad in your school, it is paramount to teach students how to use the gadget. Otherwise, you stand the chance of suffering loses due breakages. It’s important to teach the usage of the device for efficiency purpose.

Take your Time
All the positive hype around iPads can compel the school to implement the technology without proper planning. During your planning period, it is important to put measures that would ensure gadgets are put into the right action. Careful consideration should be taken before incorporating technology in education to mitigate chances of incurring damages.

iPads have brought a new dawn in the learning environment. It is clear that they have complemented the input of teachers, hence improving knowledge acquisition. Focusing our effort on this line could be the solution to extending creativity.

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