The Different Features of PDF and MS Word Files

The PDF is the file choice of professionals. They know the authenticity, vast functionality, and the benefits of a PDF. Users can make PDFs, insert pictures, and store tons of data quickly. It is an impressive medium for business owners, especially when they want to address the target audience.

Deliver an Amazing Presentation

The user can prepare an eye-catching presentation by adding pictures, headlines, colours and stylish titles. He or she can use Microsoft Word for editing, then convert it to PDF with the PDF converter. You can’t edit the PDF file directly.

PDF Convertor’s Quality

Multiple PDF converters are available. Choose a well-reputed converter that has maximum features. Paid convertors offer good results, but there are some free converters which are equally efficient.

Preserve the Ingenuity of the Document

When you convert any file to PDF, it’ll keep the original of content, font, pictures, and formation. HTML and such other file formats have limitations. They distort the uniqueness of the paper.

Adobe Acrobat for Editing Purpose

If users don’t manage the complex tasks that professionals do, they can use the free pdf software. However, they have to buy Adobe Acrobat for handling the complicated tasks like editing without transferring content on Word.

Creation of PDF with Google Docs

Google docs can be used and converted to PDF. The user can only use it for simple work. You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat for further action.

Free PDF Readers

  • Sumatra PDF
  • Foxit Reader
  • Nitro PDF Reader
  • Windows Reader App
  • PDF-XChange Editor

Advantages of Converting Document PDF to Word Office

Microsoft Office has a unique feature in which it supports LibreOffice. When users convert PDF to Word Office, they can open it in LibreOffice. They can edit the document very quickly.

PDF Standards

There are different standards of PDF which serve the different objectives of the users. PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/X, PDF/UA, and PDF/VT, are various categorize. International Standards Organization (ISO) differentiates the categorize them.

Multimedia Features

PDF contains the latest features. They can add videos, sounds and other visual effects that make it more functional. MS Word and some different setups also offer these facilities, so the user can even try them.

PDF to Word Converter

Offline PDF converter and online PDF converters two kinds of converters. Browse them on the search engine, and you’ll find them easily. You can also try , a converter that is fast, free and easy to operate. Follow the tips to find the best word converter,

  • Free Trial
  • Review the feedback
  • Price comparison
  • Take into consideration the latest features

Why Users Prefer PDF over Word

If you transfer Word Document from Mac to PC, there would be a visual problem. Word office isn’t a universal format. On the other hand, PDF doesn’t damage any feature of the document either you use it on Mac or Window.

Compression of File Size

Users can minimize the file size without decreasing the content and worth of the document.

PDF, Compatible with Mobile Phones

PDF is the functional format with the Adobe Reader on mobile phones. The user can read, write and transfer it no matter where you are.


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  1. Mr. Cavey says:

    Good summary of file types, Steve. I’ve been converting old BLM resources from .pdf into Google Docs lately and love it.

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