What Are Some of the Best iPad Apps to Download?

Have you recently bought a new iPad but you don’t know what to do with it? Why not teach yourself how to download and search for great apps or simply look for these applications and enjoy the perks of owning the very coveted iPad. Let’s have a look at the best of the best below.


You may have heard about this app due to its popular nature, but if you haven’t, Evernote is a note taking service that organizes all your ideas, thoughts, and meeting notes. It then syncs these to all your linked devices and keeps everything in one place, making your files easily accessible.

Astropad Studio

For the creative artist, Astropad Studio is a drawing app that allows you to create your own personalized studio and turns your iPad into a studio for your Mac. Link the two up and see what it feels like to be a true artist with all the necessary tools.

PDF Expert

The expert PDF is a premium-sophisticated tool that supports a variety of documents. Those who need access to PDF documents may greatly benefit significantly from buying the app.


This service is ideal for bookworms or teachers looking for text books. The eBook service allows readers to access thousands of books online, killing time wherever you go.


Ideal for comic enthusiasts, Comixology allows readers access to a wide database of comics from DC, Marvel and Image.


Pocket is an offline application that lets you save images, articles, books and other pages to read later when you go offline. This is a great tool for students and teachers alike, as they will have access to their material even when they go off the grid.


Grant yourself access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. Netflix streams movies online for a minimal monthly subscription fee and allows viewers to watch any genre of their choice. The application is quite smart as it monitors your movie preference and offers you a selection of titles that you may like. This eliminates hours of searching for movies online and gives you direct and instant access to some of the best movies to date.

Don’t want to download these apps? Visit this link to sign up through your iPad’s mobile browser and access a wide range of the great online games to date. Complimented by the incredible graphics of an iPad, you won’t regret it!

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