Why you should always hire a professional company to install your CCTV

If you’re planning on installing a CCTV system into your home, great choice! CCTV can not only be a fantastic way of catching those people that decide to burgle your home, but it can also be the perfect deterrent against your home getting burgled.

However, CCTV installation can be quite a tricky process to get exactly right, and it is definitely one that you do want to make sure is done absolutely correctly. There’s absolutely no point in spending a large amount of your money on a high-end CCTV system if the cameras are not even installed correctly. Whilst there are a lot of people that will see DIY CCTV installation is easy, the chances are that they are most likely not getting everything that they could be from the system that they have paid for.

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to hire a professional to install your new system. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of these.

Experience – this is arguable with the most obvious point as to why you should go with a professional CCTV installation. Someone that is trained in the installation of CCTV systems installing new ones multiple times a day. With such a wealth of experience comes allowed wealth of knowledge – professionals know the best positions for cameras, as well as how to ensure that they are calibrated correctly to obtain the very best video quality.

Security –  when purchasing and installing a CCTV system yourself, there can be quite a lot to think about. A lot of the time, DIY installers forget to perform routine security checks and procedures, leaving their systems and thereby their homes open to hacker attacks. Due to the fact that a lot of CCTV systems have to be online to allow you to monitor them, they are also open to being attacked by anyone else that is online – whether or not they have malicious intent. A professional installer will ensure that your system is as secure as it can be and that you are as protected as possible.


Video Quality –  professionals know exactly how each camera should be positioned, and to what settings they should be set in order to make sure that they return the best possible picture. There’s no point in having a security system if you can’t even capture the faces of the people running past them!


The Value of Your Own Time –  this is something that a lot of people forget to consider. Whilst you might think that installing your own CCTV system can be cheaper, it is purely subjective with regard to how much you value your time. Learning how to install a CCTV system and then perform the actual installation can be a very time-consuming process. Even after spending a huge amount of time wearing and installing, it is likely that you didn’t do as good a job as a professional could have done in a fifth of the time. We highly recommend hiring a professional to install your CCTV system.

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