6 Benefits From Physical Activity Using a Smart Watch

The smartwatch market is growing and brings a lot of news, especially for those who practice physical activity and sports. In the past, smartwatches were a secret agent that we often see in movies. Nowadays, it is a very common device that has many health benefits in our daily lives.

Smartwatches can only be worn during physical activity or during the day to monitor your body, giving you reminders to keep you healthy at all times. For example, the Colmi Raptor watch has 10 days of autonomy and features such as: heart rate monitor, cell phone GPS connection, sleep monitor, call and message notifications, blood oxygen, pedometer, blood pressure, and others.

The handset has been designed with a beautiful design and is very comfortable, so you can use it anytime, including at bedtime (yes, a smartwatch monitors your sleep!).

Here are 6 benefits from physical activity using a smartwatch.

1. Monitor your heart

The smartwatch has a heart monitor that monitors your heart rate for the entire period of use. Because it’s interesting that you wear a watch all day, even when not doing physical activity. During the activity, you will be able to have heart rate peak data and a full report will be saved on your watch or in the mobile application.

2. Monitor how many daily steps 

That’s right, a watch will give you data about how many steps you take every day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), to stop being immobile it is necessary to take at least 10,000 steps every day. And do you know how many daily steps you take? A smartwatch will know because it has a pedometer. By using a smartwatch, you can know for sure whether you should increase the frequency of your physical training. All are recorded digitally so that there is no longer what is called an “assumption”. Assumptions can lead to inaccuracies, something that has been overcome by using a smartwatch to monitor physical activity.

3. Real-time information

Smartwatches have a multi-sport mode – at least the Raptor Colmo brand. It has more than 8 sports: Badminton, Basketball, Biking, Indoor Running, Outdoor Running, Climbing, Soccer, Gymnastics, Hiking, Swimming, Table Tennis, Trekking. A smartwatch gives you real-time information when playing sports.

4. GPS

Especially runners and cyclists like to have information about the routes made that day. And because smartwatches have GPS, this information will be there, on your wrist, or in the palm of your hand, via the mobile application.

5. Connect during physical activity

The smartwatch also allows you to read messages, get call notifications or reminders on your wrist, making it easy to connect during physical activity. There is no need to always store your cell phone, so you can quickly read important messages for now or find out who is calling.

6. Monitor sleep

Rest is an important part for those who do physical activity. And your smartwatch can also monitor your home. Sleeping with hours will give you data from all stages of your night’s sleep (light, deep, and REM), giving you enough data to analyze how much your sleep (or lack thereof) affects the performance of your physical activity.


Today smartwatches are difficult to separate from the daily activities of modern humans. They bring so many benefits that so far have only been provided by larger devices. Now it is not strange to see someone takes app and access it on his wrist in just seconds. The development of mobile technology has truly changed the world of the watch industry.


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