Mac App: GoodTask

It is often difficult to often avoid procrastination while completing a task of the matter. A lot of times, it seems frustrating that all of the work is not being done on time, as you are constantly being distracted with a multitude of other tasks that are not even connected to the main job that you should have been doing. To this end, it is beyond important to set a clear plan for the day and manage all of the tasks and things that are simply needed to be done. Without further ado, meet the GoodTask Mac application that was specifically designed with such a purpose in mind.

GoodTask features

The application itself can surely be used for the various purposes. By being a task manager for Mac, GoodTask allows for forming the simple checklists, as well as handling the complex project management. How so? Well, the functionality of the app can be directly exploited for different means, such as creating a list of the product to buy in the grocery store among all the others. The simplicity of use and the ability to connect the app to the Apple Watch only furthers the idea of helping every single user with the everyday scenarios. GoodTask fully synchronizes with the built-in IOS calendars and reminders, which allows for the cross-platform operation on the weekly, daily, or monthly basis with an incredible ease of use.

More should be said about the ways GoodTask allows its user to ultimately become productive in the shortest possible way. The app itself contains the smart lists, which were designed so that the user could filter the tasks in any way he or she wants. For example, one can organize the listing of scheduled things in terms of the priority, so that it is possible to complete all the necessary things at first. All the while, the app has the functionality connected to the hashtags that make the searching process incredibly easy in the long-term perspective. It is also possible to set up the quick lists that basically add all of the required tasks in the blink of an eye. One can keep adding those tasks for as long as needed, as well as settle them down after handling all of the details of the GoodTask application.

How to Add Reminders

As for the ways of adding the reminders, one should open the app and ultimately click on the plus icon down below. On the bottom left of the pop-up, anyone can choose to set the priority ranging from no priority to the highest priority with the mid-range options in between. Then, the user simply needs to type in the name of the task, as well as choose the alarm and repeat options. Also, it’s possible to connect the reminder with the specific location, such as one’s house or the place of working to make it even more simpler. All the while, one can also add the website connected with the reminder in case the work is connected primarily to the computers. It’s worth noting that GoodTask does a really good job in keeping your default reminders and your calendar, as well as your contacts all in sync, so this is supposedly going to import any of your current task that was in the default reminders app to the GoodTask.

GoodTask is clearly an unparalleled project, which, in part, can be contributed to the smart strategy of the team of the creators. In turn, the company provides with the opportunity to check the press release, which contains all of the screenshots and the developer kit. Truly, it’s clear that there is a team of the highly-skilled IT specialists and both back-end and front-end developers handling such a task as can be seen by the app’s user-friendliness, as well as its safe servers that are free of leaks. Aside from that fact, it’s fair to claim that the innovation is continuous as the team of the developers keeps constantly updating the task manager for Mac and releases the new versions of the applications. It’s worth noting that every single user of the GoodTask is able to keep updating free of charge as the company values its customers and put them into the highest priority.

Every time a person falls into the deep and bothering procrastination, one should remember to stay on task with the help of the applications, such as GoodTask. The reasons why become somewhat apparent after using the app for a while: user-friendly interface, increase in the overall productivity, an organized plan for the day, and lack of frustration over the sensory overload as it is in the default apps. To this end, it makes  perfect sense to reconsider all of the previous habits and start installing the task manager for Mac to ultimately prevent all of the negative situations from happening. After all, no one wants to ignore exploiting all of the service’s benefits and advantages because of the simple laziness or lack of interest in organizing a plan. Hopefully, the functionality of  GoodTask is convincing enough for anyone to keep track of all of the app’s updates, as well as using it for one’s own benefit.



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