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Whether as a teacher or student, is an enormous resource for education.  I was given teacher and student access to for a limited time to test it out in exchange for my honest thoughts on the program. contains over 10,000 short and fun videos, 3,000 courses, and 70,000 lessons. Search a wide variety of topics, and you will find helpful material that will aide in both teaching and learning. This is a subscription model, with month to month accounts beginning at $39.99 usd/month. There is no need for annual commitments, as you can cancel at any time each month.

Each of the many videos have a full text transcript that you can read and refer to after watching it. If you prefer having physical notes, you can print them for your binders, or even save a pdf file for a digital copy on your computer or tablet.

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Immediate Assessment: Short Quizzes after each Section/Video!

This is a quick and easy way to assess whether you’ve mastered the material after watching the videos. Immediately after each quiz, you can see your results. A very cool feature that I noticed was you can click on a quiz mistake and the video will automatically cue you right to the point of the video where the answer’s given.


Some of the material I researched had an option to view vocabulary in a flashcard format. These flashcards make it easy to review topics in a fun and interactive way. Each set can be quickly and effectively used to prepare for class, an exam, an assignment or to assist you in mastering a topic (e.g. a  foreign language).

Offline Downloading to avoid Data Overage Charges

This is another important feature of All videos within the website and app are downloadable to the device for offline viewing. Students can prepare the videos they want to watch at a later time. That way, when they have a few minutes to spare, they can watch these videos at their own leisure. To download a video, simply tap the arrow button on the top right hand corner of each video.

Application to Educators

As a teacher, can be an invaluable resource, with lessons with carefully laid out plans and activities. They are easily printable and can also be saved to pdf and emailed to substitute teachers, in both portrait or landscape formats. Lessons and videos are also excellent for extra material to give to struggling students needing extra review at home, or even for advanced students needing enrichment material to get further ahead.

Create your own custom course!

Those who subscribe to the teacher edition membership can quickly find any relevant lessons needed and create and organize them into a custom course. An unlimited of “virtual classrooms” can be set up if you sign up for the teacher edition ($59.99/month).

Home-School Advantages

Students can learn at their own pace at home and at school. The videos make learning feel less like homework: more of a full experience.  Students can monitor their progress with the results directly on the app. Obviously, with just an internet connection required, you have access to the entire database of material anytime and anywhere in the world.

App experience

I am very impressed with the overall experience I’ve had using the app on my iPad and iPhone at home. The app is slick and did not crash at all during my testing. Videos are quick to load (depending on your WiFi connection), and the user interface is intuitive. Check out this short video clip showing how well the app runs:

Professional Development: Resources for Teacher Certification

As readers of this blog, you are likely either an aspiring teacher or a current teacher looking to expand your professional has just recently launched a suite of prep resources for teacher certification exams like Praxis, TExES, and FTCE, which will be of interest to aspiring teachers, or current teachers looking to expand their certifications to new subjects and/or grade levels.

Dashboard (Home on the App)

No matter which platform you use (computer, tablet, smartphone), all recently viewed material syncs across all devices. Here you can see all that you have recently viewed, for easy retrieval of learned material.


In my opinion, is an incredible resource. There are just so many different topics in there that anyone can benefit from its service. I can literally think of any topic, type in the search bar, and a wealth of lessons and courses are available immediately at my fingertips. Great for “visual” learners, short videos are concise and to the point.

For educators, is an excellent supplement to any curriculum. The videos are enticing to both young and old students, and short enough to watch almost anywhere. For me, if I see that a video is 10+ minutes in length, I often hesitate to begin watching it. Almost all of’s videos are shorter than ten minutes, with most averaging around five to six. This is the key to capturing student focus.Videos are visual and captivating. Most students will remember more from these videos than a standard textbook. The monthly cost may seem high at first, but the benefits, I believe, justify the cost. There are too many benefits to talk about in this one post! Check out for much more information. Everyone can try for free for 5 days. Check out the website for info.

Finally, I believe that this tool + the iPad really gives true meaning to mobile learning. We can truly learn on the go. We live busy lives and are not always at our desks at home. Having the ability to access all content on the iPad gives users freedom to learn in whichever setting we want.

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