Effective Foreign Language Apps

Have you ever wondered how many foreign languages can you learn with iPad?

Master languages with iPad

It’s no wonder that nowadays you don’t need any specially devoted time to learn a new language. With mobile technologies, languages can be learned while riding in a bus, traveling, working, in other words – in a few extra minutes of spare time. Most of us probably wish we spoke more language than we currently do. It is safe to say that the more languages you know, the more doors will open for you.

The iPad and the App store has lots of incredible and helpful apps that can aide us in learning a foreign language. Moreover, you can learn two or even three languages simultaneously.

As far as apps are considered, below are some of the most popular and effective ones:

1) Wlingua (link)

 This collection of language apps is great for both beginners and advanced learners. At the beginning, you’ll be given a test which will evaluate your level of knowledge. There are 600 lessons in total. All the words are accompanied with pictures for better memorizing. Also, there are materials for reading and a grammar guide.

2) Memrise (link)

It is extremely important to enlarge your vocabulary all the time if you want feel free while communicating with native-speakers or reading. The best way to memorize a word is to repeat it with a certain interval in time. Also there’s a visualization of the whole process of learning.

3) Mindsnacks (link)

In some languages, the spelling of words differ a lot from their pronunciation. This app demonstrates clearly how a word or a phrase should be pronounced. Users can easily interact with the app, and vocabulary can be expanded. USA Today says that this group of apps “makes the process of learning new words fun.”

4) Busuu (link)

This language app offers real people from all over the world to help a user to learn a new language. The app selects the best native-spoken mentor who for you just in some minutes. It should be mentioned that despite this app is free, some additional functions can cost some money.

Reading with iPad

If you have already learnt a language so that you can read on it, you can download an app for a book reading, for instance Marvin 3, as reading is the best way to enrich your vocabulary with new words and idiomatic expressions.

In any case, don’t forget that any app won’t be totally effective if you don’t practice a language regularly and systematically. Don’t try to learn everything and at once: Alternate periods of learning new issues and recollecting old material.

To maintain the existing level of a language or to make it a little bit higher, it’s recommended also to watch films and series in a foreign language. Don’t be afraid that you don’t understand every single word while watching. The main thing is to grasp a plot in general.

If you don’t have an iPad, but still want to learn a new language without spending much time on it, you can find special platforms which offer a native-speaker tutor, for example, of Arabic language and you can arrange the time of lessons yourself. One of such platforms is Preply which gives a great opportunity to learn any language that you want via Skype.

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