5 Online Math Resources You Can Use On iPad in Your Classroom


Who doesn’t have a tech device or gadget these days? Even the most traditional systems and lifestyles have all been influenced, if not fully changed, by technology. In the classroom, teaching mathematics is now possible through the iPad, thanks to available online math resources – some of which we will share with you today.

Teaching in classrooms is increasingly becoming digital and has started to rely heavily on what the internet offers. While it can be pretty challenging especially to teachers who are used to traditional ways of teaching, integrating technology in learning could really ease the way students understand their lessons and how they apply their learning in real-life situations.

5 iPad Math Resources For The Classroom

At this day and age of educational technology (i.e. the use of electronic gadgets like iPads in the classroom), these online math resources may help you solve basic to advanced equations in no time:

Interactive Videos

Students nowadays prefer visual elements, and this means that teachers need to be able to illustrate how math problems can be solved using equations, while at the same time doing it in an entertaining way. By making use of videos and online interactivity, students can learn about math equations and how to apply them in real-life situations.

Look for videos that explain math topics through music, fashion, video games, food, sports, and film. If you search well enough, you will find a few math gems that are both entertaining and educational.

Online Calculators

Solving math equations is not for everyone, and it really helps that you can find online calculators where you can easily type the elements needed to help you. For your arithmetic, geometric, and Fibonacci sequence problems, a math sequences solver could do the job of looking for the number in any of your math sequence challenges. Using this calculator would save you the hassle of manually solving for the missing link in your sequence.

Graph Generators

Some math concepts involve the use of graphs, and using graphing apps on iPad may be able to enhance the learning of students. You may do a quick search of graphing apps based on the exact topics that you need, say trigonometric curves, algebraic equations, or interpolation exercises.

Math Games

What better way can teachers discuss math problems other than through games? Combining math equations and games does wonders in teaching math, especially now that iPads can be used in teaching it. Math games are available for different ages and school levels, and it’s up to you to find the gamified math modules that will work best for your students.

There are various activities that the teacher or the student can choose from to easily understand math topics from beginner to expert level. In some games, the teacher or parent can also view how the student performed by the end of every session, based on the results of the game. In some cases, a graphical progress report can help the teacher assess the student’s level of math knowledge.

Online Lectures

If you prefer distance learning modules or downloadable lectures, you may start with Apple’s own iTunes U. Get access to math lectures from renowned sources such as MIT, HACC, and Khan Academy. In addition, you may use the browser on your iPad to access websites that offer downloadable links to lectures.

Using iPads in the classroom is now a trend, and while it has its own downsides, everyone can use it to his or her own advantage. If you are a teacher planning to integrate iPad use in the classroom, the resources above can already lead you to a significant amount of content that your students can enjoy.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/books-classroom-college-desk-289738/

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