Review: Affordable Leather Cases for iPhone and iPad from Jisoncase+

Featured this week on is the premium leather goods company Jisoncase. This is a company founded in 2001 that creates affordable leather cases for iPhones and iPads. If you want the premium feel but not at an astronomical cost, Jisoncase is your best bet. Your Apple devices will be very well protected with these products!

Jisoncase was kind enough to send me a couple samples for review.

Take a look at some photos:

iPhone 7/8 plus leather case (link): 

Notice the bottom is not covered, like the Apple cases. This is good for those of you who dock your phones for charging/playing music.

The Jisoncase leather case for iPhone 7/8 plus securely surrounds the iPhone on all sides. There is a small  a very tiny lip goes “over” the edge of the screen. I like cases with lips because if you set the iPhone facedown on a desk, the screen will be unaffected and won’t be scratched easily (I still recommend always using a screen protector). The cutouts and button holes this case is precise, and the fit is excellent. Made from genuine leather. The leather seems very durable and does not bend easily. Brown leather ages very well over time, and you will develop a beautiful patina that becomes personal. Like Apple’s case ($49USD), the JISONCase Slim Leather Case is lined with micro-fiber, so it will protect your iPhone from scratching while inside of the case. Unlike Apple’s leather case with aluminum buttons, there are no cutout  “buttons” of different material; there are bumps for the buttons built into the case. This shouldn’t be an issue over time, as changing the volume works fine at first, but will work even better later on.

Overall, this case provides a leather texture that provides a solid grip, much different from the smooth and slippery feeling that the naked iPhone offers. Since the case is slim fitting, it also maintains the ease of using the phone one-handed, when checking out quality sites such as Novibet. The case makes the phone easier to hold because it does add the extra grip you need when holding it. The case is very thin and can stay on when wireless charging the iPhone.

If you want a quality case that fits snugly and adds barely any additional thickness to your iPhone, this is the case for you. At only $19USD , this case is a bargain that I highly recommend. To be honest, I debated on purchasing the Apple Leather case, but in the end, I really couldn’t justify it’s high cost ($69 here in Canada). This case from Jisoncase will do everything that the Apple one does, minus the Apple logo.

12.9 inch iPad Pro leather sleeve (link):

Second for review is the iPad sleeve with Apple Pencil holder. This feels premium, yet is much more affordable than one would think.

The official Apple leather sleeve for the iPad pro is an astronomical $199USD! This sleeve from Jisoncase costs around a tenth of that(!), and offers just as many features. What I love about this sleeve is that you can safely and securely store your Apple Pencil as well. A small downside is that you will unlikely be able to squeeze your iPad in if it has another case or backing on it. Perfect for minimalists, this case will protect your precious iPad from drops, and also clean your screen from any dirt while you slip it in and out. Although I usually use a full front and back case to protect my 12.9 iPad Pro when I work, I plan to use this sleeve on more formal occasions and when I know that I will be more careful with it.

Check out their website for more info here They provide accessories for a large selection of devices. Both of these samples above are available for other sizes (iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X and the 10.5 inch iPad Pro). 


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