Review and Giveaway! Gorgeous Wooden iPad and MacBook Stands from Yohann

This is a review of both the iPad and MacBook models for the impeccably beautiful wood stands from Yohann. Yohann is a small company based in Switzerland. I have received these as samples and am pleased to give away one of them to the winner of this contest. Read to the end of this post to find out how you can enter.

Let’s get right to the point: These stands are not cheap ($130USD each). As for reasons why these cost quite a bit more than what you can typically find on Amazon, Yohann’s products are not mass-produced in Asia, but rather in Northern Italy by a family business that for generations has been specializing in making high-quality, designer wooden furniture products. This ensures that skilled artisans in Central Europe get employment opportunities at fair-pay conditions, and therefore, customers get a handcrafted-quality end product. Finishing and packaging is subsequently done by people with disabilities in a sheltered workshop in southern Germany. Yohann also only uses sustainably grown wood of the highest quality. With all of that being stated, these are absolutely the most visually appealing and well-made stands I’ve ever seen.

First off, let’s take a look at the iPad stand:


You have the ability to have three different angles/positions with the iPad stand. All three of these positions can support both landscape and portrait view, depending on your preferences.

Not only can you use this stand on your desk, but, somewhat surprisingly, it will work while sitting on a couch or chair from your lap. Take a look at the hole for the Apple Pencil as well: perfect for when you are not using it!

As for using it with a case, the stand should support slimmer cases like the ones offered by Apple, but if you have thicker cases such as the Otterbox, it will be too thick.

Using the iPad stand in portrait mode, you can charge your iPad while using it. Yohann was creative in building a small hole in the center to allow this.

I tested out how sturdy the iPad is while on the stand. Unless you’re strongly typing feverishly on the on-screen keyboard, the iPad will remain properly placed.

What sets this iPad stand apart from others is that it is actually comfortable to use while sitting on a couch. Artists will undoubtedly enjoy creating their designs with an Apple Pencil on their iPads.

This iPad stand will work with the new two new iPad pro models as well.

Now, the MacBook stand:

Yohann recommends using a separate keyboard with this configuration. I actually think it’s fine to still type on the MacBook keyboard as the angle is ergonomically comfortable. The height of the keyboard is still comfortable for my hands with my elbows leaning on my desk

We will see over time as to how much heavy trackpad usage will affect the frame of the stand.

The stand is made almost entirely of wood, other than a slim leather pad that protects and grips the MacBook once it is on it.

Do note that this product is not a typical laptop stand, as you do not just place your laptop on it.  As shown in the video on the Yohann website ( ), to use it, you open a MacBook, insert the front edge of the laptop under the grooved lip of the stand, then tilt the whole thing back. With the weight of the laptop, the stand stays balanced. To take the laptop off of the stand, one has to tilt back the stand along with the MacBook in the forward position and then take the laptop out. This way the stand does not fall down when the laptop is taken out of it. It is designed to be used this way. The MacBook does not completely close once on the stand, but it should still go to sleep mode.

While these stands from Yohann might seem like just pieces of wood, they are much more than that. I have never seen something crafted with such precision. Choose from oak or chestnut. Stands are available for all iPad and MacBook models. These stands will be an amazing gift for Apple fan. I’m not sure I can think of anyone who wouldn’t love one of these.

These stands are simple, and perfect for minimalists. Portability is great too. It is expensive, but in the end, you get what you pay for. The prices seem fair for the work that goes into making it. If one appreciates craftsmanship and quality, this is a great option. Fair enough to say that Yohann has matched their pricing with that of Apple’s; there is a premium to both.


Here you have a chance to win your choice of either the walnut versions of the MacBook stand or the 12.9 inch iPad Yohann stand.

Here is how to enter:

  1. Follow this blog (bottom of the homepage)
  2. Hit those share buttons at the bottom of this post for Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, or if you don’t have any of those, just leave a comment on how you could use this great stand.

3. If you haven’t already, follow me on Twitter and like teachingwithipad on Facebook.

4. Bonus entry: If you’re on Instagram, follow me @ipad_gadgets and find the post for more instructions!

Winner will be announced here in the comments. The winner will choose which stand s/he wants. I will ship directly.

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  1. Susanna Everingham says:

    This giveaway would be sip helpful in my teaching in the classroom as well as when I am at home in the kitchen to use while preparing meals.

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