4 Technologies We Wish to See Perfected in 2019

There are fascinating new tech revolutions every year. Some win our hearts, while others don’t make any impression. With that being said, following we are going to name four technologies they wished were perfected before 2019. All we can do now is hope that this new year will improve on them. 

1. Self-Driving Cars

When the concept of self-driving cars was first introduced, it drove everyone crazy including the Top Branding Companies.  Many companies have experimented with this concept. Even some car manufacturer brands announced their lineup of autonomous cars, Tesla was the first to deliver on this promise, but its use is very restricted. 

The current challenge is auto-driving cars depend on virtual maps for directions and sensors for driving carefully. Both of these technologies need major improvements before being released in the marketing. 

2. Wireless Laptop Charging

Christina DesMarais, a contributor at Inc. discussing induction charging for a laptop in her 31 tech predictions for 2019.

With the introduction of Wireless Cellphone charging in the early 2010s, everyone was wondering when we will see induction chargers for our laptops. Well, we are about to enter a new decade, and wireless charging for laptops seems a light year away from mainstream adoption. 

Laptops do use heavy chargers that we hade to carry around. Yes, wireless charging could not have been powerful enough for laptops back in the day, but we have come a long way since then.  There are some notable developments including fast charging. There are many demonstrations of wireless charging with laptops, but we don’t believe they will be available anywhere in 2019. 

3. OLED Touch Keyboards

The touchscreen has already replaced our keypad and QWERTYin mobiles. But it seems as OLED is making its way onto the desktop or laptop interface. Still, most people prefer the physical keyword and mouse, but thanks to the growing use of the touch-screen, we believe the time has become we will change physical keyboards with a touch bar.

Marc Chacksfield of TechRadar touches the OLED Touch Keyboards while discussing how keyboards will change in future. 

Many laptops integrated a touch bar for starters.  We expect to see more brands will jump on this tech trend and will replace their keyboard and touchpad with a touch-screen. Its obvious, but we don’t know how the common user will react to it.

4. Modular Hype

The “Modular Smartphones” created a lot of hype in the mid-2010s, but they never took off. There are reasons why this incredible initiative was thrown in the bin. First one was, it will drop smartphone sales as customers could easily spend 5+ years with their purchase. The second reason was, most people don’t care about modular. 

Therefore, it was scratched off. Since then, a European brand has to take into this step and created a line-up of modular phones, it met with a lukewarm reception, but still, there is hope that for modular devices to existing in upcoming years. We hope they are made a bit more practical. 




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