Teaching Skills that You Must Have With or Without the iPad


Technology has drastically changed the way we educate our children. Instead of just writing in notebooks, students now can type their notes into their laptops, iPads, and even smartphones. Teachers, for their part, can also use their iPads to show videos, demonstrate concepts, and look up information at any time. 

The use of handheld devices in schools is very prevalent now that there are already many groups online that focus primarily on how the iPad can be further used to deliver quality education to the young. They are composed usually of teachers who exchange ideas and practical examples. 

While generating new ideas on how to apply the iPad and other technologies in education is great, teachers should not lose sight of the fact that there are still teaching skills and mindsets that must be fostered independently. In this article, we present some of them. 

The ability to summarize complex topics into a few simple anchor words

The biggest challenge in teaching is to make a complex topic sound simple and relatable. Let’s use the analogy of the steak. A piece of it is always good to look at and consume. But we don’t usually eat it whole. The big piece of meat still has to broken down into bite-size pieces so that we can fully appreciate the steak-eating experience.

The same happens in teaching. Instead of shoving an entire cluster of ideas down the learners’ throats, a good teacher would know how to break it down into manageable pieces, with each learning piece represented by just one or two anchor words. Doing this not only facilitates learning, it makes recall a lot easier as well. 

The use of anchor words and keywords is also important in a lot of other areas. Content creation for websites is a good practical example. Without proper use of keywords, content will be in total disarray. Keyword use, after all, is a means of indexing a wide array of topics so that retrieval becomes easy. We’re sure that the firms featured on BestSEOCompanies.com know this well. 

The wisdom to understand that teaching is not a one-size-fits-all deal

A good teacher fully understands that one method of imparting lessons doesn’t always work. Students, no matter how young and underdeveloped, are still people with unique personalities. And their uniqueness can also be seen in how the process and learn things. 

Teaching with the iPad, for example, can work for some, but it might pose a significant challenge for others. A good teacher does not judge those who struggle with this setup. Instead, they look for other ways to reach such students more effectively. After all, iPad use is not intended to replace the good old ways of teaching. It’s just there to augment them. 

The willingness to understand that preparation is key

No matter how smart of a person you are or how advanced your teaching methods might be, if you face your students unprepared, you will still end up very ineffective. A good teacher understands this, so they never lose sight of the importance of reviewing their lessons before they attend their classes. This takes time and effort, yes, but this is all part of the profession. 

Being a teacher is a role that must be embodied in order for it to be fully maximized. Yes, it can be augmented by advancements in technology, but it can never be replaced by them.

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