How Product Review Websites Bring Benefits to your Business

With studies showing that 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business, long gone are the days of customers speculating about a certain product. They would rather turn to third-party review websites for looking at the 10-best of their next potential purchase. While first-party reviews (reviews presented on a business’s website) are significant to create a brand impact both online and offline, consumers tend to incline more toward independent product review websites. Product Advisor is one of such product research tools that enlists several product comparisons, top-10, and best picks helping viewers to finalize their purchasing decisions.

At first, these websites may appear intimidating; however, the truth is they can help a great deal in bringing benefits to your business. Let’s examine some fruitful benefits of product review platforms:

  1. Free Advertising

Google places a heavy value on businesses and their products with reviews. Search engines prioritize displaying product reviews. In turn, these ratings and reviews divert potential customers to business sites. Products with less or no reviews have a lower probability to appear on search engine websites. Third-party review websites and tools can give more exposure at almost no or zero cost than through conventional advertising.

  1. Providing Insight on Services

In addition to reading reviews on your products, these independent websites also give input on your customer service, shipping, and other business-related information. These insights are valuable when a customer is making up the mind to buy your product. When services encompassing your product are convenient and customer-oriented, people are more likely to buy your product.

  1. Use Review Material for Marketing

A business can use snippets of product reviews as a tool for marketing. Their website can gladly display reviews from a third-party website and market them via their social media pages for brand promotion.

  1. Product Reviews Create Credibility and Better Products

Independent product review platforms ascertain a distinct kind of validity to your business before buyers. This is mostly because customers see a third-party review website as an unbiased entity and less probable to be influenced. Once your image as a credible brand has been established, customers will keep coming back to your business for their future purchases.

  1. Enhance Quality

Since these reviews and surveys are conducted by technical experts, it allows businesses to identify shortcomings in their products when compared with counter products of other brands. These reviews can come in handy when businesses have to launch a newer version of a similar product.

  1. Product Reviews Increase Conversions

Nobody wants to take a risk with their hard-earned money. At first, when a customer lands at your website for buying something as essential as a mattress, they do not have the opportunity to feel it in person. This is the time when they search for authentic product reviews. Since a mattress is one thing in which a person spends almost a third of their life, it is unlikely that a customer would buy anything having no reviews or recommendations online. If a product review platform has already reviewed your product, a customer will feel firm and confident about buying your brand’s mattress. Thus, these platforms can even be attributed to increase conversions for your business.

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