10 Things You Should Pay Attention to When Choosing Online Games

There are thousands of options to choose from when you want to play a slot. These are games from different providers with varying themes, designs, and gameplay options. It can be quite confusing trying to pick one slot from the numerous options available, seeing that software providers keep adding new more exciting games. To make the decision-making process easier, here are the top factors to consider when picking an online slot. This will ensure you have the best of times without any regrets while playing online casino slot machines.

  1. Return to Player Percentage 

This is one of the most important factors to think about before you start playing an online slot. It is especially important for gamers who want to place real money wagers and get good returns rather than lose all their money. An RTP is a technical term that casinos use to talk about the percentage of wagered money that goes back to players. You will mostly find this information in the section that highlights the terms and conditions of the game. It is advisable to go for the slots that have an RTP of 97% and above because they tend to give better returns than the ones with lower return to player percentages.

  1. Available Features 

Another thing to look out for before you start spinning is the features that a slot avails. Some games have basic features while others will go above and beyond to ensure players get more features that make gameplay more electrifying. One of the ways you can learn about the features that games have is by reading slot reviews to know what they have to offer. Go for the ones that avail multiple bonus features because these will give you a better chance at hitting winning combos.

  1. Jackpots 

If you are looking to win big when playing online slots, it is best to look for the titles that offer jackpots. You can get one that has a standard jackpot with a fixed prize or a progressive jackpot. To find out whether a slot has genuine jackpot payments, you can look at the record of winnings that the casino announces. If you are lucky, you might end up being a millionaire after a few hours of playing. At times, high limit slots may pay more, although this is not a guarantee. Most casinos will use a random number generator, a technology that determines the fate of each spin.

  1. Graphics and Sound 

Although this may not be as important as the range of payouts, some gamers do not like playing games that are not visually attractive. You can tell whether you like a game at first glance. However, you can go ahead and play the game to gauge whether you like it or not. Spending a few minutes on a slot title can help make a decision on whether you want to continue playing it or not.

  1. Versions Available 

Another factor to look out for when you are searching for the ideal slots to play is the versions the game avails. You are better off choosing slots that have demo versions as well as real-money options. For example, you can choose one of Wolf Run slots that will be your favorite. The demo versions are ideal for practice play when you want to play the game for fun. It allows you to know what the game is all about before going ahead to play with real money. Most players agree that it will help you make better wins because you already know what the slot has to offer after playing the game for free for a while.


  1. Check out the Slots Volatility 

Another essential factor to think about when choosing a slot is its volatility. Some slots will refer to this as the game’s variance while some gamers call this the risk level of the slot. This measures the risk that is involved when playing a game for real cash, which ultimately determines how you will win at the slot. A low volatility slot implies that you will get more frequent but smaller wins. High volatility, on the other hand, means that you will most likely record larger wins but less frequently.

  1. Types of Slots IMG_1346

You may also want to consider the type of slot machine before choosing to spend time on it. Generally, there are 3 primary types of slots, including:

  • Video slots – These can be described as modern slots that feature creative and detailed graphics. These are games that can offer more than a hundred paylines, multiple bonus symbols, and interactive bonus games. In recent years, there has also been an increase in 3D slot games with better animations, graphics, and realistic gameplay.
  • Classic slots – these are the easiest to play, with simple graphics and sound effects.
  • Fruit machines- these were the first slot machines to be introduced to the gambling world. Most people confuse them for classic slots, but they have clear differences. For instance, fruit machines are more interactive, with features like gamble option and hold and nudge.

  1. Number of Reels, Paylines and Denominations 

Experts also agree that it is also essential to consider denominations, paylines, and reels when selecting a game to play. Denominations are the currency value that the game accepts. If you use USD, you do not want to play a game that only accepts GBP. When it comes to reels, you will note that most slot machines will either have 3, 5 or 7 reels. The more reels a game has, the more options you have of winning. Paylines also vary from 1 to more than 1000. Some games will come with fixed or adjustable paylines. Keep in mind that winnings are based on the paylines you wager on. This also implies that you should also look at the layout and structure of the game. Some players like simple and familiar routes, opting for games with minimal paylines and reels. Others like games that present more of a challenge.

  1. Avoid the Most Obvious Options 

Although this may sound like a controversial point, it is usually best to go for the slots that are not well known. Many gamers are drawn to the flashiest titles that promise players huge prizes. Because many people will flock to these games, it might mean that you will not reap the benefits of the underdog machines. You may have a better chance of making big wins with the slots that are not too loud. To catch these games, you may have to go to the last slots that an online casino offers instead of the ones that the gaming stations feature on the first pages.

  1. Mobile Compatibility 


Many gamers will not think about mobile compatibility when looking for the ideal online slots. This is because many assume that all free video slots no download usually come with a mobile option. This is not true because there are many developers who release games without a version for mobile. However, most of the recent productions often come with a mobile-friendly option allowing players to enjoy various benefits of mobile slots. This is important because it is not all the time you will have access to your computer when you want to play your favourite game. If a slot is compatible with mobile play, all you have to do is whip out your mobile device and enjoy your best slot anytime.

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