4 Useful Features of “Here WeGo” That You Should Know About

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Let’s start off with breaking down what Here WeGo actually is. To put it simply, it’s navigation and web mapping service operated by Here Technologies. It was originally developed by Nokia as Here Maps for their line of Windows smartphones and for the internet as an improved version of their Nokia Maps. Now you know what it is and even got a little history lesson!

I recommend you to create your account before you can use the Here WeGo app to its full potential. Tap the left icon on the top left of your screen and then choose sign in. You can either go one of two ways, the simpler version by just signing in with your Facebook details, or the old-fashioned way by manually typing in your details.

I’ll be talking about what makes the here wego app great! I’ll be covering the features that the app uses, and how they’ll be helpful to you on your trip. Some of the features are even available offline, so you won’t have to worry too much about using too much of your data. Some features do require you to make an account, though. Sit tight, and “here wego!”

Collections and Location Sharing

Collections are what the here wego app calls your saved destinations and the details if each location, only if you are online and signed in, though. Meaning this is one of the features that require you to use a little data if you’re on the go. In your collections, you can’t sort them out by alphabetical name or distance from online, or on either of the Android or iOS apps.

Offline Maps

Here’s one of the more significant features that here wego has to offer – their offline maps! Search the map of the area you want to scout around and download it into your internal storage for later use. Sometimes the map even includes floor-by-floor details of some of the more frequented locations. If you want to use real-time traffic, you’ll need to be online.

Real-Time Traffic

This brings me to the next feature, Real-time traffic. It’s basically data being sent to your phone about how busy a certain road or street is toward the location you plan to go to. You can use this to your advantage to avoid being stuck in traffic. You can either change the destination you want to go elsewhere or locate a separate route that isn’t packed with cars.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Lastly, turn-by-turn navigation. It is what guides you around where you want to go. Enter the address or establishment name, and the app will start to calculate the directions you need to take to get there. If you’re online, real-time traffic will also influence the directions you’ll take when going to your destination. This feature can be used both offline and online.


Why use here wego? Well, it’s an optimal navigation tool for you to use whenever you’re planning to go on a trip or just to a part of town that you are unfamiliar with. You just need to download a map of where you’re planning to go to, and you’ll have that entire city mapped out in the confined spaces of your four-walled screen! It’s really nothing too difficult!

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